The Chaser (TV series)

The Chaser (Korean추적자; RRChujeokja) is a 2012 South Korean television drama series about a grieving father out for revenge against corrupt officials.[1]

The Chaser
Promotional poster
Created bySBS TV
Written byPark Kyung-soo
Directed by
  • Jo Nam-kook
  • Jin Hyuk
  • Jo Young-kwang
Creative directorLee Jung-heum
ComposerPark Se-joon
Country of originSouth Korea
Original languageKorean
No. of episodes16 + 2 specials
Executive producerLee Hyun-jin
  • Kyung Min-Suk
  • Lee Sung-hoon
  • Park Sun-jae
  • Kim Dae-kwon
  • Jung Ki-Hyun
EditorBang Soo-yun
Camera setupSingle-camera
Running time60 min
Production companies
Original release
NetworkSBS TV
Release28 May (2012-05-28) –
15 July 2012 (2012-07-15)
Korean name
Revised RomanizationChujeokja

Despite no hype or big stars, the thriller gave a strong performance in the ratings, ending its run at 22.1% (number one in its timeslot). Its rise in popularity was based on the tightly written and well-structured storyline, solid direction, and cast members' acting skills.[2][3]

Plot edit

The series tells the story of Detective Baek Hong-suk, a happily married family man whose life is shattered when his 15-year-old daughter is killed in a car accident, causing his wife to go into a state of shock, eventually killing herself and leaving Hong-suk a widower. He later discovers his daughter's death was the result of a conspiracy led by politician Kang Dong-yoon, to secure his political future as a presidential candidate. Hong-suk goes from loving, doting father and cop to harrowed man hellbent on revenge, as Kang continues to rise in power. With the help of Kang's sister-in-law, a reporter, Hong-suk takes revenge against the man who ruined his life.

Cast edit

Main edit

Supporting edit

Special appearance edit

  • Lee Jung-gil as Jo Dong-soo
  • Jung Soo-in as Choi's secretary
  • Jo Young-jin as Kim Chang-jae

Original soundtracks edit

The Chaser OST Album
Soundtrack album by
Various Artists
Released10 July 2012
LabelSony Music (소니뮤직)

The Chaser OST edit

1."Saying "I Love You" (Acoustic Ver.)" (사랑한다는 이 말 (Acoustic Ver.))The One4:30
2."Lily" (나리꽃)Lee Hye-in5:40
3."A Dream (Drama Ver.)" (꿈 (Drama Ver.))The One3:46
4."Good Person" (좋은 사람)Ivy4:15
5."Saying "I Love You"" (사랑한다는 이 말)The One4:31
6."Callus" (굳은살)Kim Bum-soo4:08
7."A Dream" (꿈)The One3:30
8."The Chaser (Opening Title)"Various Artists1:58
9."Father's Original Story" (아버지 (Original Story))Various Artists3:11
10."Black Box"Various Artists2:17
11."The Truth is Far Away" (진실은 멀어진다)Various Artists2:03
12."Lily Guitar Story" (나리꽃 Guitar Story)Various Artists1:54
13."Wait for Kang Dong-yoon" (기다려라 강동윤)Various Artists3:33
14."Devil's Tears (Father's Sad Trumpet Story)" (악마의 눈물 (아버지 Sad Trumpet Story))Various Artists2:15
15."I Run" (나는 달린다)Various Artists1:46
16."Jin-soo (Father's Guitar Story)" (지수야 (아버지 Guitar Story))Various Artists1:42
17."I'm Sorry" (미안합니다)Various Artists3:32
18."Counterstrike"Various Artists1:42
19."Hong Seok-Yi's Dream" (홍석이의 꿈)Various Artists2:54
20."In Front of a Corpse" (주검앞에서)Various Artists3:00
21."The Beginning of Revenge" (복수의 시작)Various Artists1:37
22."The Dreams of the Poor" (가난한 자들의 꿈)Various Artists2:22
23."A Lonely Fight" (외로운 싸움)Various Artists1:47
24."The Chairman (Father's Waltz Story)" (The Chairman (아버지 Waltz Story))Various Artists3:08
Total length:23:01
The Chaser OST Special
Soundtrack album by
Heo Gong (허공)
Released17 July 2012
LabelSony Music (소니뮤직)

The Chaser OST Special edit

1."How Can I Forget You?" (어찌 너를 잊어요)Heo Gong (허공)3:32
2."How Can I Forget You? (Inst.)" (어찌 너를 잊어요 (Inst.)) 3:32
Total length:07:04

Ratings edit

  • In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.
  • NR denotes that the drama did not rank in the top 20 daily programs on that date.
Episode # Original broadcast date Average audience share
TNmS Ratings[4] AGB Nielsen[5]
Nationwide Seoul National Capital Area Nationwide Seoul National Capital Area
1 28 May 2012 10.0% 12.6% 9.3% (13th) 10.3% (8th)
2 29 May 2012 10.9% 13.5% 9.9% (9th) 11.0% (6th)
3 4 June 2012 11.6% 14.7% 9.2% (16th) 9.7% (11th)
4 5 June 2012 11.5% 14.1% 9.8% (9th) 10.3% (9th)
5 11 June 2012 13.2% 16.5% 10.6% (7th) 10.7% (7th)
6 12 June 2012 12.5% 15.1% 11.1% (5th) 11.9% (4th)
7 18 June 2012 13.2% 14.5% 11.5% (5th) 12.4% (4th)
8 19 June 2012 13.2% 14.1% 13.3% (4th) 14.2% (4th)
9 25 June 2012 13.6% 16.3% 12.4% (4th) 13.1% (4th)
10 26 June 2012 13.8% 15.8% 13.2% (4th) 14.2% (4th)
11 2 July 2012 14.0% 15.9% 13.1% (4th) 13.9% (4th)
12 3 July 2012 15.3% 16.2% 13.5% (4th) 14.3% (4th)
13 9 July 2012 20.0% 22.4% 17.9% (3rd) 19.7% (3rd)
14 10 July 2012 23.1% 26.7% 20.7% (3rd) 22.3% (2nd)
15 16 July 2012 22.1% 26.6% 20.4% (3rd) 21.5% (1st)
16 17 July 2012 25.1% 28.3% 22.6% (2nd) 23.8% (1st)
Average 15.2% 17.7% 13.7% 14.6%

Awards and nominations edit

Year Award Category Recipient Result
2012 Best Drama The Chaser Nominated
Top Excellence Award, Actor Son Hyun-joo Nominated
Kim Sang-joong Won
Excellence Award, Actress Jang Shin-young Nominated
Grand Prize (Daesang) Son Hyun-joo Won
Top Excellence Award, Actor Kim Sang-joong Nominated
25th Grimae Awards
Excellence Award in Visuals Jung Ki-hyun, Kim Dae-kwon Won
20th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards
Popularity Award, Drama category Go Joon-hee Won
Grand Prize (Daesang) Son Hyun-joo Won
Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Son Hyun-joo Nominated
Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Kim Sang-joong Won
Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries Kim Sung-ryung Won
Special Acting Award, Actor in a Miniseries Ryu Seung-soo Nominated
Jo Jae-yoon Nominated
Special Acting Award, Actress in a Miniseries Jang Shin-young Won
Kim Do-yeon Nominated
Producers' Award Park Geun-hyung Won
Top 10 Stars Son Hyun-joo Won
New Star Award Park Hyo-joo Won
Go Joon-hee Won
24th Korean PD Awards
Best Drama The Chaser Won
2013 Best Drama The Chaser Won
Best Actor (TV) Son Hyun-joo Won
Best Director (TV) Jo Nam-kook Nominated
Best Screenplay (TV) Park Kyung-soo Won
40th Korea Broadcasting Awards Best Mid-length Drama The Chaser Won
Best Actor Son Hyun-joo Won
Best Screenwriter Park Kyung-soo Won
Silver Bird Prize (Runner-up, Best Series Drama) The Chaser Won

International broadcast edit

It aired in Japan on cable channel KNTV from 20 September – 8 November 2013,[10] and was re-aired on cable channel BS-Fuji.[11]

It aired in Thailand on Workpoint TV in midyear 2015.[12]

References edit

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