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The Chaoswar Saga

The Chaoswar Saga is the final[1] trilogy in the Riftwar Cycle series of fantasy novels by Raymond E. Feist.

The Chaoswar Saga
Combined Kindle edition (2014)

A Kingdom Besieged
A Crown Imperilled
Magician's End
AuthorRaymond E. Feist
CountryUnited Kingdom
GenreFantasy novel
Media typePrint (hardback & paperback)
Preceded byThe Demonwar Saga


In the fantasy novels of Feist, a Riftwar is war between two worlds that are connected by some sort of dimensionless gap (rift). In Feist's invented history there are several riftwars. The first Riftwar between Midkemia and Kelewan is described in the trilogy The Riftwar Saga. Feist has confirmed[2] that there are five Riftwars in total.

This Saga is the conclusion of Feist's preceding Riftwar Cycle works and is the fifth, and final, Riftwar.

Works in the seriesEdit

A Kingdom Besieged (2011)Edit

A Crown Imperilled (2012)Edit

The book was released in the United Kingdom on 30 January 2012 and in Australia on 1 February 2012.

It was released in the United States on 15 March 2012.

First editions in all three countries have a continuity error in the later parts of the book. Pug, a pivotal character in all of Feist's Riftwar novels, appears in two places at once due to an editing error.

Magician's End (2013)Edit


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