The Case of Ingegerd Bremssen

The Case of Ingegerd Bremssen (Swedish: Fallet Ingegerd Bremssen) is a 1942 Swedish drama film directed by Anders Henrikson and starring Sonja Wigert, Henrikson, Dagmar Ebbesen and Gösta Cederlund. It was based on a 1937 novel of the same title by Dagmar Edqvist.[1] It was shot at the Sundbyberg Studios in Stockholm. The film's sets were designed by the art director Max Linder.

The Case of Ingegerd Bremssen
The Case of Ingegerd Bremssen.jpg
Directed byAnders Henrikson
Written byDagmar Edqvist
Based onThe Case of Ingegerd Bremssen by Dagmar Edqvist
StarringSonja Wigert
Anders Henrikson
Dagmar Ebbesen
Gösta Cederlund
CinematographyHarald Berglund
Sven Thermænius
Edited byGösta Bjurman
Bengt Palm
Music byNathan Görling
Distributed byEuropa Film
Release date
11 March 1942
Running time
87 minutes


A young nurse Ingegerd Bremssen is assaulted and raped on a lonely road. She is taken to hospital but is extremely traumatised by the attack, and it leads to the breakdown of her engagement with a young army Lieutenant. From a staunchly conservative background she believes her honour has been violated and her life is impossible to rebuild. When she encounters her rapist again she shoots him dead. Placed on trial she is ultimately acquitted thanks to the sympathetic intervention of a psychologist.



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