The Buddhism Palm Strikes Back

The Buddhism Palm Strikes Back is a Hong Kong wuxia comedy television series based on Wong Yuk-long's manhua series Buddha's Palm. The series was first broadcast on TVB Jade in Hong Kong in 1993.and tributed from the 1980s TV series of 七彩如來神掌 THE BUDDHA'S MAGIC PALM.

The Buddhism Palm Strikes Back
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Also known asYu Loi San Cheung Zoi Zin Kong Woo
Written byWong Yuk-long (original story)
Wong Kwok-fai
Tong Kin-ping
Directed byWong Wai-ming
Yuen Wai-yi
Lee Shu-fun
StarringEddie Kwan
Ada Choi
Elvina Kong
Johnny Ngan
Gordon Liu
Yeung Tak-see
Jimmy Au
Opening themeYu Loi San Cheung (如來神掌) performed by Jacky Cheung
Ending themeLau Chu Chau Sek (留住秋色) performed by Jacky Cheung and Vivian Chow
ComposerJoseph Koo
Country of originHong Kong
Original languageCantonese
No. of episodes20
ProducerYau Ka-hung
Production locationHong Kong
EditorWong Kwok-fai
Running time45 minutes per episode
Production companyTVB
Original networkTVB Jade
Original release14 June –
9 July 1993 (1993-07-09)
The Buddhism Palm Strikes Back
Traditional Chinese如來神掌再戰江湖
Simplified Chinese如来神掌再战江湖


The legendary Buddha's Palm is the most powerful skill in the kong-woo (martial artists' community) that a fighter can learn. A long time ago, Lung Kim-fei used the skill to defeat Tin Cam-kiuk, and had since retired from the kong-woo. Lung laid down a family rule, forbidding his descendants from learning the skill, and hid the Buddha's Palm manual, in order to prevent them from misusing it.

70 years later, a mysterious red-haired martial artist known as "For-wun Tse-san" (literally: Fire Cloud Evil Deity) appears and goes on a rampage to kill several people before challenging the five major sects to a fight. The five sects misbelieve that Lung Kim-sang, a descendant of Lung Kim-fei, is responsible for the killings and attack him. In fact, Lung Kim-sang does not know any martial arts and relies on his wit and intelligence to survive. When For-wun Tse-san learns that Lung Kim-sang is a descendant of Lung Kim-fei, he starts harassing Lung Kim-sang to force him to hand over the Buddha's Palm manual.

Lung Kim-sang meets Kung-suen Ling-fung, a maiden from the Omei Sect, and she falls in love with him and follows him on his adventures. At one point, Kung-suen gives up her virginity to save Lung's life after he is poisoned by For-wun Tse-san. Lung loses his memory after regaining consciousness and meets Fung Ching-ching and falls in love with her. However, when he remembers everything, he finds himself in a complicated love triangle.

Throughout his adventures, Lung Kim-sang learns martial arts from extraordinary people, such as Tung-to Cheung-lei. Eventually, he finds the Buddha's Palm manual in the old Lung family residence and masters the skill, becoming an invincible fighter. Lung defeats For-wun Tse-san, putting an end to the latter's evil plan. However, he is unaware that Tin Heung, a descendant of Tin Cam-kiuk, has been secretly plotting to kill him to avenge her ancestor. Lung and Tin have a final showdown and Lung emerges victorious eventually, restoring peace and becoming a respected hero in the kong-woo.


Note: Some of the characters' names are in Cantonese romanisation.
  • Eddie Kwan as Lung Kim-sang
  • Elvina Kong as Kung-suen Ling-fung
  • Johnny Ngan as Tong-to Cheung-lei
  • Gordon Liu as For-wun Tse-san / Ngo Chin-san
  • Catherine Hung as Fung Ching-ching / Fung Piu-piu
  • Ada Choi as Tin-heung
  • Law Lan as Tin-yan
  • Lee Lung-kei as Tin-chi
  • Kwan Ching as Tin family housekeeper
  • Yeung Tak-si as Shek Kan-chun
  • Jimmy Au as Hau Yat-fei
  • Law Lok-lam (guest star) as Lung Kim-fei
  • Lo Mang (guest star) as Tin Cam-kiuk
  • Fung So-bor as Granny
  • Wong Wai-tung as Master Yat-dang
  • Law Kwok-hung as Antique shop boss
  • Lee Hin-ming as Ah-fu
  • Wong Chung-hong as Ah-pao
  • Wong Wai-tak as Ah-ma
  • Chun Hung as Mou Si-ting
  • Yu Fung as Granny Kwai / Kau Yuk-kuen
  • Ho Bik-kin as Fung Mun-lau
  • Yu Ming as Ka-La Old Dad
  • Wong Tak-ban as Mang-kor
  • Kiu Hung as Great Master Yat-yau
  • Wong Yat-fei as Taoist Sam-san
  • Sing Yan as Old Master Ng-hang
  • Lee Ka-ting as Swordsman Tsat-sing
  • Soh Hang-suen as Abbess Kau-kuet
  • Henry Lee as Si-hung Kin-kuan
  • Lee Hoi-sang as Hong-lung
  • Chan Kwan-yung as Fuk-fu
  • Lau Kwai-fong as Abbess Bat-kuet
  • Liu Lai-lai as Abbess Tsat-kuet
  • Mak Ho-wai as Cheung Sam / Ah-seung
  • Wong Tin-chak as Lei Say / Ah-ha
  • Mak Tsi-wan as Elder Chung
  • Fong Kit as Elder Chuk
  • Yu Tin-wai as Elder Mui
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