The Boyfriend (album)

The Boyfriend is the 1986 debut solo album from Danny Wilde. It was released by Island Records. The track "Isn't it Enough" was the only single to make it on to the pop/rock charts. The same song would also be covered a year later by singer-songwriter Patty Smyth (formerly of Scandal), for her solo debut outing Never Enough.

The Boyfriend
The Boyfriend (album).jpg
Studio album by
GenrePop rock, power pop
ProducerPeter Coleman
Danny Wilde chronology
The Boyfriend
Any Man's Hunger

The album was never released onto CD due to Wilde's departure from Island Records.[1][2] The cassette is rare and hard to find. Many fans find this album to be the best Wilde album due to its melodic pop-rock tracks and songwriting.

Track listingEdit

  • All songs written by Danny Wilde, except where noted.
  1. "Isn't it Enough" - 4:14 (Wilde, Nick Trevisick)
  2. "Body to Body" - 4:06 (Wilde, Sig Emerson)
  3. "Restless Heart" - 4:10
  4. "Katherine" - 3:46 (Wilde, Trevisick)
  5. "Hold Out for Me" - 3:50 (Wilde, Trevisick)
  6. "Sound of My Heart Breaking" - 4:37
  7. "He Can Have You" - 4:12
  8. "Angel (This Must Be Heaven)" - 4:06
  9. "Criminal Mind" - 3:47
  10. "The Boyfriend" - 2:26 (Wilde, M. Sauve)


The band The Quest has covered the song "The Boyfriend" during some live concerts.


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