The Bone Orchard Mythos

The Bone Orchard Mythos is a 2022 comicbook series by writer Jeff Lemire and artist Andrea Sorrentino, published by Image Comics. It is designed to be a shared universe of self-contained horror stories told in various formats.[1]

The Bone Orchard Mythos
The Bone Orchard Mythos Prelude cover by Andrea Sorrentino. A red house is surrounded by darkness. In the darkness, a strange face-like mask watches.
The Bone Orchard Mythos Prelude cover
by Andrea Sorrentino
Created byJeff Lemire & Andrea Sorrentino
Publication information
PublisherImage Comics
FormatsOriginal material for the series has been published as a set of limited series, graphic novels, and one-shot comics.
Publication dateMay 7, 2022 – present
Creative team
Writer(s)Jeff Lemire
Artist(s)Andrea Sorrentino
Letterer(s)Steve Wands
Colorist(s)Dave Stewart
Editor(s)Greg Lockard
Collected editions
The PassagewayISBN 9781534322240

Publication historyEdit

Early on, even before The Bone Orchard Mythos was announced, Jeff Lemire described the project as "the most ambitious thing [Andrea Sorrentino] and I have done together."[2] During their first creator-owned work together, Gideon Falls, Lemire discovered that despite the complexity of the project, he and Sorrentino bounced ideas off of each other in a way that felt effortless, which made him feel like they could tackle a project even more challenging. The idea for The Bone Orchard Mythos sprang from Sorrentino, who wanted to darker stories, but expansive like H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos; individual stand-alone stories which share a common mythology. Sorrentino also wanted to do different formats, miniseries, maxiseries, original graphic novels, and more.[3] He described the series as "the kind of stories I want to read as a graphic novel and comics fan, and the kind of things I want to draw as an artist."[4] Part of the appeal of doing different stories was that it opened up more opportunities to experiment with his style and stay fresh.[5]

It was essential to both creators though that any story could act as an entry point to the series, that they could be read in any order and still make sense. The connections between the books are an additional feature for more dedicated readers.[6] Over a period of a year before the series was announced, Lemire and Sorrentino worked out the whole story, plotted out in chronological order. However, they do not plan to ever tell the full story, but rather show "enough" of the story that readers get a sense of it, told non-chronologically through the various stand-alone stories. It is designed to be interpreted. This approach was inspired by the work of David Lynch.[3]

The series was announced with a teaser trailer on Halloween 2021[7] with further details emerging over the following week from the social media channels of Lemire, Sorrentino, and Image Comics. Three titles were revealed in the initial announcement (The Passageway, Ten Thousand Black Feathers, and Tenement) along with promise of more in 2023 and beyond.[1]

Prelude: Shadow EaterEdit

Originally published as a one-shot story for Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) 2022, Shadow Eater was designed to be "an appetizer for the horror to come."[8][4] While the FCBD issue was mentioned as part of the original announcement, no details, not even a title, were revealed until Lemire teased his newsletter readers with the comic's cover a month ahead of the FCBD 2022 titles reveal announcement.[9][10][6]

The PassagewayEdit

The first major story in the series was The Passageway, an original graphic novel scheduled for release June 15, 2022.[11] Originally a different story was meant to be the first, but when Lemire couldn't get that story to work, he came up with the idea for The Passageway and wrote the script in a week. For Lemire, it was essential that the story be character-driven, rather than driven by its concept. Sorrentino felt The Passageway was the right story to establish The Bone Orchard Mythos since it was about the "passageway" to supernatural horrors of their universe, both for readers and the characters in the story.[3]

Ten Thousand Black FeathersEdit

Ten Thousand Black Feathers is a 5-issue miniseries scheduled for a monthly release beginning September 2022.


The last of the three titles revealed in the original announcement, Tenement is an original graphic novel scheduled for a 2023 release. When Lemire and Sorrentino were originally discussing possible stories to act as the reader's introduction to The Bone Orchard Mythos, Tenement was their first choice before later settling on The Passageway.[3]

Collected editionsEdit

Title Material collected Publication date ISBN
The Passageway Original material June 15, 2022 9781534322240[11]


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