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The Black Hand (1973 film)

The Black Hand (The Birth of the Mafia) (Italian: La mano nera) is a 1973 Italian crime film written and directed by Antonio Racioppi and starring Lionel Stander, Rosanna Fratello and Michele Placido.[2][3]

The Black Hand (The Birth of the Mafia)
The Black Hand (The Birth of the Mafia).JPG
Directed by Antonio Racioppi (it)
Produced by Carlo Infascelli[1]
Screenplay by
Story by Carlo Infascelli[1]
Music by Carlo Rustichelli[1]
Cinematography Riccardo Pallottini[1]
Edited by Cleote Conversi[1]
In.Ci.S Film[1]
Distributed by Roma Film
Release date
  • March 16, 1973 (1973-03-16) (Italy)
Running time
90 minutes[1]
Country Italy[1]
Box office ₤230.363 million





Luigi Cozzi, one of the nine credited screenwriters on the film that producer Carlo Infascelli wanted to change the script depending on the actors demands.[1] For example, Cozzi claims that Infascelli had to change the film per Phillipe Leroy's request.[1] Cozzi noted that he was phoned by Infascelli and was told to change the scenes per Leroy's demands within 24 hours.[1] Cozzi noted he was often phoned and told to find reasons and ways things changed.[1]


The Black Hand was released in Italy on March 16, 1973 where it was distributed theatrically by Roma Film.[1] The film grossed 230.363 million Italian lira on its theatrical run.[1]


In 2017, Paramount announced that it has acquired the movie rights for an English language adaptation.[4] The new film, due for release in 2018, will star Leonardo DiCaprio as Joe, and will be partly based on Stephan Talty's upcoming novelization of Petrosino's assassination.[5][6]



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