The Biggest Fan

The Biggest Fan is a film featuring the band Dream Street (Chris Trousdale, Jesse McCartney, Matt Ballinger, Frankie J. Galasso and Greg Raposo). The main characters are Chris Trousdale (playing himself) and his "Biggest Fan" Debbie Worden (Kaila Amariah). It was made in 2002 just before the band split because of the problems between their parents and producers; however, the film's release was postponed pending the outcome of a lawsuit between some of the band members and the band's management. Chris Trousdale is prominently featured in the film, while the other Dream Street members have cameo roles in the beginning and the end of the film. Trousdale promoted the film at his concerts after filming was complete. The Biggest Fan was finally released on DVD on May 18, 2005 (USA/Canada) and in 2007 (Australia). The soundtrack was released by Edel.

The Biggest Fan
Directed byMichael Criscione
Michael Meyer
CinematographyWes Llewellyn
Release date


Famous actors who appeared in the movie include:


Debbie's favorite band is Dream Street, and her favorite member is Chris Trousdale. When Chris gets a fever while travelling on the Dream Street tour, in a haze, he strays away and ends up in Debbie's bed, much to the shock of his "Biggest Fan", who thinks she's in heaven. Debbie proposes that Chris stay with her and he agrees. So, over the week they spend time together and she secretly hides him so he can escape the pressures of being a pop star for a little while. Chris even attends high school with Debbie, while disguised as a nerd. Meanwhile, the band's managers are going crazy at the loss of the star, thinking he has been kidnapped. At the end of the week Debbie and Chris (in disguise) go to her high school prom where two jealous popular girls figure out Chris's true identity and tell the police about Chris's whereabouts, splitting him and Debbie up. They are eventually reunited on stage at a concert, ending in a sweet, final kiss and a performance by Dream Street.


  1. "It Happens Every Time" (Dance Remix) (Dream Street)
  2. "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" (performed by Play featuring Chris Trousdale)
  3. "I Miss You" (Dream Street)
  4. "Run Away" (performed by Ruby Blue)
  5. "You're Taking Me Over" (Dream Street)
  6. "With All My Heart" (Dream Street)
  7. "I Say Yeah" (new version) (Dream Street)
  8. "Fallen for You" (performed Ruby Blue)
  9. "That's What Girls Do" (performed by Ruby Blue)
  10. "This Time" (acoustic version)
  11. "Jennifer Goodbye" (new version)
  12. "Dream On" (Dream Street)

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