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The Best Pair of Legs in the Business

The Best Pair of Legs in the Business is a 1973 British comedy-drama film directed by Christopher Hodson and starring Reg Varney, Diana Coupland and Lee Montague.[1] A comic at a holiday camp is concerned about the future. However he manages to secure both a job and a wife. It is a cinematic version of an episode of Yorkshire Television's "ITV Playhouse", transmitted on 28 December 1968.


Sherry Sheridan's career is dying. He is tolerated rather than valued at the holiday camp. His wife Mary is having an affair with the outgoing camp manager who tries to persuade her to leave with him. Every time she is about to, something happens to prevent it.

Sherry's agent drops him. He drinks heavily. The only people who show him any form of affection are two girls who prefer him to two randy boys.

His estranged son Alan turns up in an attempt to heal relations. He invites his father to meet his fiancee and her parents including the father who is a vicar. Sherry attempts to puff himself up as a big shot entertainer who knows the Queen. Having disgraced himself, he goes back to the holiday camp alone.

The two jilted boys find Sherry peeping into the caravan window of the two girls while undressing. They throw him in the swimming pool where he protests that he cannot swim. He is rescued by his son. In a final reconciliation scene, the son explains that the critical comment about having the best legs in the business was actually a compliment after a friend protested that he was embarrassed by his own father's legs in a knobbly knees competition.



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