The Battle of Hamburg (book)

The Battle of Hamburg (subtitled: The Firestorm Raid) is a book by the British military historian Martin Middlebrook describing the combined RAF Bomber Command and USAAF 8th Air Force attacks on the German city of Hamburg in the Summer of 1943.

The Battle of Hamburg
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AuthorMartin Middlebrook
SubjectBattle of Hamburg
PublisherAllen Lane
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The raids were carried out under the codename Operation Gomorrah and the initial attack became infamous for creating the phenomenon known as a firestorm, which caused great destruction to the city and its inhabitants.

The book attempts to give a non-partisan account and goes into well researched detail about the raid, which includes interviews with participants from both sides of the battle.


  • The Battle of Hamburg–The Firestorm Raid by Martin Middlebrook - Cassell - 2000 - ISBN 0-304-35345-0