The Bastard Sword

The Bastard Sword is a 2018 medieval fantasy adventure film written and directed by Eveshka Ghost. It stars Xander Phillips, Seth Easterbrook and Martyn Eade.

The Bastard Sword
The Bastard Sword Theatrical Poster.jpg
Original theatrical release poster[1]
Directed byEveshka Ghost
Produced byAlex Willis
StarringXander Phillips, Martyn Eade, Seth Easterbrook
Rusalka Pictures
Distributed byRusalka Pictures, Bayview Entertainment
Release date
  • 9 December 2018 (2018-12-09)
Running time
181 minutes[2]
Budget£2000 (Approx) [3]

The Bastard Sword had a modest theatrical opening and received mostly positive reviews.[4]


Tias searches for a magical sword, only to learn that he should have left well enough alone.


  • Xander Phillips as Tias, A "farmboy" turned fighter and main protagonist of the story.
  • Martyn Eade as Mars, A thief and the main antagonist of the story.
  • Seth Easterbrook as Ulysses , A mysterious hermit in the forest.
  • Danielle Thorpe as Nyx, a pixie and friend of Ulysses.
  • Chris Wilson as Viktor, Mars's right hand man and fellow Thief.
  • James McClusky as Lars, one of Mars's men and the youngest of their pack.
  • Gemma Comber as Liliya. Liliya is a mourning over the loss of her lover and is the reason Tias wants the power of the sword.
  • Chris Comber as Nikolai, He is the love interest of Liliya and friend of Tias.


The Director of the film Eveshka Ghost wrote the script for The Bastard Sword, whilst finishing up on his previous film "The Granary". The tagline "A Grande Adventure" actually came from a joke between him and Phillips whilst filming some of the final scenes. Xander Recalls:

"We had just finished The Granary and Ghost and I were finishing off the “Knight scenes.”

The two of us were taking some pictures of the knight costume whilst we still had the opportunity.

Whilst Eveshka was lighting me up I took of my helmet and extended my arm like I was performing a dramatic Shakespearean play and I said in an old medieval accent

"Make me look like a grande warrior."

Ghost started laughing and he said "What The Hell Is a Grande Warrior?"

To which I responded "I don't know but make me look like one."

Ghost continued to chuckle whilst taking the photographs and he finally said "Is it original? You didn't steal it from anywhere did you?"

"I said no not at all It just came off the tongue I thought it fit".

Later on after the photoshoot Ghost and I kept giggling and he said "If it's definitely original I think I know where we can use that."

I said "Yeah?"

Ghost then said "The thing is I've had this idea for a script i'm writing called The Bastard Sword, it's going to be a medieval fantasy and there's going to be a bad guy called (he scruffs up his face) Mars".[5]

Ghost's original ending of the film differed significantly in the script. The initial story focuses more on the relationship between Ulysses and Nyx rather than Ulysses and Tias. However the true ending is still a secret known only by those who had the script.[6][7]

Ashdown Forest was one of the film's locations, famously known for the setting of A.A Milne's .Winnie The Pooh Novels. The rest was filmed in a private location in West Sussex.[8]

The budget was extremely minimal, so minimal that the cinema licence had to be paid for via a kickstarter campaign. The film cost approximately £2000 and made £3660 all of which was put towards its release.[8]


Year Award Category Result Reference
2018 Queen Palm International Film Festival Best Score Won [9]
2019 Los Angeles Film Awards Best Score Won [10]
2019 Global Film Awards Best Indie FIlmmaker Won [11]
2019 Global Film Awards Best Original Score Won [11]


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