The Band of The Royal Regiment of Canada

The Band of The Royal Regiment of Canada is a Canadian military band that serves as the official regimental band of the Royal Regiment of Canada. It is the oldest permanently organised band in the Canadian Forces. It is based at Fort York in Toronto and is assigned to the part of 4th Canadian Division's 32 Canadian Brigade Group. The ceremonial dress uniform of the band is a scarlet tunic and bearskin, similar to Grenadier Guards in the United Kingdom, with the only difference being the plume is red over white, as a homage to the former Canadian Guards regiment.[1][2]

The Band of The Royal Regiment of Canada
Band of the Royal Regiment of Canada.jpeg
Country Canada
Branch Canadian Army
TypeMilitary band
Size35 members
Part of32 Canadian Brigade Group
Garrison/HQFort York Armoury, Toronto
Director of MusicCaptain Kevin Anderson, CD
Drum MajorSergeant Steven Yasinsky
Band Sergeant MajorWarrant Officer Sheila Andrews, CD


The Band of the Royal Grenadiers on a postcard during the opening night ceremony of Maple Leaf Gardens.

The band was established in 1863, just one year after its home regiment was established as the Royal Grenadiers. It was originally composed of members of the Toronto-based volunteer militia band. The band received its first set of drums and instruments that same year. Due to its lineage, it was therefore referred to as the Band of the 10th Battalion Royal Grenadiers from 1881-1900 and later as the Band of the Royal Grenadiers from 1920-36. It assumed the name by which it continues to be known as in 1991.

On 1 July 1867, the band presented a formal concert in Queen's Park, Toronto, in celebration of Confederation of Canada. Under Lieutenant Walter M. Murdoch's leadership, the band was increased to 60. The band played at Massey Hall throughout the 1930s, first at the opening ceremony of Maple Leaf Gardens in 1933 and the for the 100th anniversary of Toronto's incorporation in 1934.[3] It also took part in the reception for King George VI during his 1939 royal tour of Canada and has played for every reigning monarch from Queen Victoria to Elizabeth II throughout its history.[4]


  • Captain John Waldron (February 1888-)
  • Warrant-Officer Harold Bromley (until 1926)
  • Lieutenant Walter M. Murdoch (1926-1958)
  • Captain Stanley H. Clark (1958-1968)
  • Captain E.J. Robbins (1968-1972)
  • Major Gino A. Falconi (1972-2000)
  • Captain William Mighton (2000-2014)
  • Captain Kevin Anderson (2014–Present)


  • Headquarters
  • Parade Band
  • Concert Band
  • Dance Band
  • Big Band
  • Fanfare Trumpeters


  • Director of Music - Captain Kevin Anderson, CD
  • Drum Major - Sergeant Steven Yasinsky
  • Band Sergeant Major - Warrant Officer Sheila Andrews, CD

Parade BandEdit

The parade band is the marching contingent from the band that participates in parade public activities in Toronto.

Notable performancesEdit


The band at the Calgary Stampede in 1982.

The band has made seven compact disc recordings:

  • Ready Aye Ready
  • In Concert, On Parade
  • Footsteps in Time
  • Fields of Honour
  • Promenade
  • Saeculum Aureum
  • Freedom of the City


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