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The Aviation Herald reports daily about incidents and critical situations in civil aviation companies.[1] The service is recognized as accepted industry service for safety relevant occurrences.[2] Behind the English language service stands Simon Hradecky of Salzburg, Austria - an expert in aviation safety. Aviation Herald reports upon incidents as well as accidents (where significant damage or injury is involved) as well as crashes. Its reputation is such that airlines are sometimes upset when incidents which do not make the general press are reported. The Aviation Herald is valued by the airlines community for its careful fact checking and unbiased coverage of airlines safety.[3] It is frequently cited or reported by those interested in airline/aviation safety issues.[4][5] The Aviation Herald is even cited as a reliable source by news papers of immense reputation.[6] Though the readership of Aviation Herald is small, it is particularly read by persons with professional interest in airlines safety.[7]

The Aviation Herald includes reports on events in aviation from Jun 19th 1999 up to the present.

There are five main categories:

  • C - Crashes
  • A - Accidents
  • I - Incidents
  • N - News
  • R - Reports


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