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The Arts Centre Gold Coast

Front of the building and carpar, 2015

Coordinates: 28°00′05″S 153°24′58″E / 28.0015°S 153.4162°E / -28.0015; 153.4162 The Arts Centre Gold Coast (formerly Gold Coast Arts Centre) is a set of facilities that sits on the banks of the Nerang River in the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. A large jetty makes the Arts Centre accessible by Gold Coast Ferries. The art centre is also home to the Gold Coast City Art Gallery.



The Arts Centre land was once the gateway to Surfers Paradise. In 1887, German immigrant Johann Meyer operated a ferry across the Nerang River. From Southport, travellers would follow the Meyer's Ferry Road (now simply Ferry Road) to a spit of land that created a narrow point in the river (28°00′04″S 153°25′29″E / 28.0011°S 153.4247°E / -28.0011; 153.4247 (Meyer's Ferry)). The narrow spit is no longer in existence due to changes in the river and the creation of Chevron Island but is in the vicinity of the Gold Coast Arts Centre today. From that point, Meyer's ferry would take the travellers across the river to Meyer's Ferry Road at Elston (as Surfers Paradise was then known) along which the travellers would walk to the surf beach. Businesses established along Meyer's Ferry Road at Elston which created the main street of Surfers Paradise now known as Cavill Avenue. Although the surf beaches of Elston were a popular destination, the lack of road access limited the extent of residential and commercial development.[1][2] It was not until 1925 that the Jubilee Bridge was built between Southport and Main Beach which opened up Surfers Paradise for tourism and associated development and eliminated the need for the ferry service.

The present day Ferry Road is only southbound part of the original Ferry Road, the remainder which meandered in an easterly direction to the end of the spit and the ferry service was lost as the river was embanked and islands created.


The Gold Coast Arts Centre expands its facilities to cater to the large demand from local residents. The facilities include:

  • Panorama Suite
  • Two Cinemas
  • Paradise Room
  • Arts Theatre
  • Arts Restaurant
  • Lobby Shop
  • Harlequin Room
  • Two Art Galleries
  • Clubroom
  • Sculpture Walk
  • Cafe Arts
  • Comedy Clubhouse
  • Technical Services Department
  • The Boardroom
  • St. Margaret's Chapel

Panorama SuiteEdit

The Panorama Suite is a luxury suite that opens onto a large Terrace. The suite has 180 degree views of both the Nerang River and the Surfers Paradise skyline. capable of holding over 80 spectators, the Suite is used for weddings, VIP functions, and other special events.

Paradise RoomEdit

The Paradise Room, The art centres newest facility, also opens onto a large terrace. The room has many views overlooking a lake, the Nerang River and the Surfers Paradise skyline, and is used for weddings, parties, corporate functions, seminars and conferences. Capable of seating over 400, with a large stage and start of the art lighting and audio.The facility can be broken down into multiple smaller function areas.

Arts TheatreEdit

The Arts Theatre is an auditorium that has two levels of seating that can hold 1174 spectators. the auditorium has full stage facilities for theatre, conventions, and product launches. The Queensland Orchestra and the Northern Rivers Symphony Orchestra regularly perform at the Arts Theatre.

Arts RestaurantEdit

Also opening into a large terrace, the Arts Restaurant is an indoor and outdoor dinner with multiple views of the Surfers Paradise skyline. The restaurant also allows packages and event theming to be tailored to suit individual client requests.

Arts CinemasEdit

The two Arts Centre cinemas play videos seven days a week except Good Friday and Christmas. The Arts Centre's latest cinema has state-of-the-art sound systems with infra-red headphones for spectators who are hearing impaired.

Technical Services DepartmentEdit

The Gold Coast City Arts Centre's Technical Services Department assists with props and theming of a function.

St. Margaret's ChapelEdit

The St. Margaret's Chapel is a non-denominational historic chapel that holds receptions and weddings. The Chapel is within easy walking distance of new function rooms at the arts centre.

Gold Coast City Art GalleryEdit

The Gold Coast City Art Gallery is a regional Art museum, Opened in 1986, the Gallery is funded by the Gold Coast City Council as part of the Gold Coast Art Centre.

The Gold Coast City Art Gallery is known as one of Australia's most prominent public regional Galleries and serves a population of approximately 400,000.

The Gallery houses the renowned City Collection of contemporary and historical artworks documenting the character of the Gold Coast as well as the development of contemporary Australian Art practice.The Gallery presents a diverse and dynamic program of exhibitions and events. These include local, national and international exhibitions, such as one of Australia's longest running art prizes, the Conrad Jupiters Art Prize. The Gallery is also home to the riverside Evandale Sculpture Walk, an exhibition that provides a walk through a range of outdoor sculptures. The Sculpture Walk is set against the backdrop of the high-rise Gold Coast skyline.


The facility opened in 1986 as The Keith Hunt Community Entertainment and Arts Centre and was simply referred to as "The Centre", It was renamed the Gold Coast Arts Centre, and in March 2010 was given its current name, The Arts Centre Gold Coast.[3]

2009 RedevelopmentEdit

In 2009 an international architecture competition was held for Evandale as a new Cultural and Civic heart for the Gold Coast. The competition was won by Super Colossal who visioned a gleaming white island.[4]

2013 RedevelopmentEdit

In 2013 an international architecture competition was held for Evandale as a new Cultural and Civic heart for the Gold Coast. The competition was won by ARM Architecture Team ( who visioned a Voronoi superstructure wrapping for existing buildings and a new 12 story arts Museum tower with external walkway and roof lounge.

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