The Arbitrator (Israeli TV series)

The Arbitrator (2007) (Hebrew: הבורר‎, Ha-Borer) is an Israeli crime drama series.[3] It tells the story of Nadav Feldman, a social worker who discovers that he was adopted and his real father is the head of a crime family.

The Arbitrator
The Arbitrator - Ha-Borer.png
Also known as'Ha-Borer'
GenreCrime drama
Black comedy[1]
Written byReshef Levy
Directed byShay Kanot[2]
Country of originIsrael
Original language(s)Hebrew
Original networkHot Channel 3[2]
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Cast and charactersEdit

  • Baruch "The Arbitrator" Asulin (Moshe Ivgy) - the head of a crime family.
  • Nadav Feldman (Yehuda Levi) - a social worker who finds out that Baruch is his biological father.
  • Avi "The Spleen" Asulin (Shlomi Koriat) - Baruch's trigger happy son, who serves as the series' comic relief.
  • Yigal "The Nazi" Mizrahi (Uri Gavriel) - Baruch's nemesis and formerly best friend.
  • Amram "Bulldog" Hashbian (Yossef Abu Varda) - Baruch's friend and personal bodyguard.
  • Gila Asulin (Hanna Azoulay-Hasfari) - Baruch's wife.
  • Naomi "Spoon" Asulin (Lirit Balaban) - Baruch's baalat teshuva daughter, who also serves as a comic relief.
  • Pavel and Nikola Kovlova (Michael Rozhetzky and Shalom Michaelshvili) - two henchmen who initially work for Baruch.
  • Irena Kovlova (Ania Bukstein) - Pavel and Nikola's sister, who gets romantically involved with Nadav.
  • Limor "Kuki" Goldman (Neta Garti) - Avi's mistress.
  • Ron "The Persian" Hashbian (Tzion Baruch) - one of Baruch's henchmen.
  • Menachem Madmoni (Uri Klausner) - a detective in charge of investigating Baruch's clan.
  • Yossi Asulin (Shaul Mizrahi) - Baruch's brother and former partner in heading the family, cast away after becoming a drug addict and longing to return to his former glory.
  • Oshrit Asulin (Dana Ivgy) - Yossi's daughter. (In real life, Dana is Moshe Ivgy's daughter.)
  • Amos Faruki (Yaakov Cohen) - a veteran associate of Baruch, Yossi and Yigal.
  • Itzik Sasa (Dror Geva) - Naomi's suitor and later husband.
  • Shimi Angel (Igal Adika) - an acquaintance of the Asulin family, who has ambitions to become a contract killer.
  • Idan Romi (Aviv Alush) - one of Baruch's henchmen.
  • Nir (Yon Tumarkin) - sniper elite unit.


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