The Angel and the Woman

The Angel and the Woman (French: L'Ange et la femme) is a 1977 Canadian fantasy romance film directed by Gilles Carle and starring Carole Laure, Lewis Furey, and Stephen Lack.[1] The film follows a woman who, after being brutally shot, dies in the snow and is resurrected by an angel who falls in love with her and eventually teaches her how to incinerate objects with her mind.[2] The film is shot entirely in black-and-white and gained some controversy due to its explicit unsimulated sex scenes between the two leads.[3]

The Angel and the Woman
L'Ange et la femme
Directed byGilles Carle
Produced byRobert Lantos
Stephen J. Roth
Written byGilles Carle
StarringCarole Laure
Lewis Furey
Stephen Lack
Music byLewis Furey
John Lissauer
CinematographyFrançois Protat
Edited byOphera Hallis
Films RSL
Release date
April 7, 1977
Running time
88 minutes


  • Carole Laure as Girl
  • Lewis Furey as Angel Gabrielle
  • Jean Comptois as Bandit
  • Joe Elsnor as Bandit
  • Conrad Peterson as Bandit
  • Stephen J. Roth as Bandit
  • Stephen Lack as Guest
  • Pierre Giard as Guest
  • Stefan Wohl as Guest
  • David Caissey as Guest
  • Réal Belzé-Belval as Guest
  • J. Léo Gagnon as Father
  • Jeanne Gagnon as Mother
  • David Shimo as Chauffeur
  • Georges Lévesque as Valet


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