The Andromeda Nebula

The Andromeda Nebula (Russian: Туманность Андромеды) is a 1967 Soviet science fiction film starring Sergei Stolyarov and directed by Yevgeni Sherstobitov at the Dovzhenko Film Studios. The film was originally intended to be the first episode of a series of films, alternatively titled as The Andromeda Nebula: Episode I. Prisoners of the Iron Star, but the remaining parts were never made due to Stolyarov's death.

The Andromeda Nebula
(Туманность Андромеды)
The Andromeda Nebula.jpg
Directed byYevgeni Sherstobitov
Written byIvan Yefremov (novel)
StarringSergei Stolyarov
Vija Artmane
Nikolai Kryukov
Music byYakov Lapinsky
CinematographyNikolai Zhuravlyov
Distributed byGoskino
Release date
Running time
77 minutes
CountrySoviet Union


The film is based upon the 1957 novel Andromeda Nebula by Ivan Yefremov. It follows the story of a group of humans on the spaceship Tantra who are tasked with investigating the home planet of an alien race. They discover that artificial radioactivity has killed almost all life on that planet. During the voyage home the ship is trapped by the gravitational force of an iron star and lands on a planet orbiting the star. Surrounded by predators who destroy human nervous system through space suits, the crew has to fight to see Earth again.


Actor Role
Sergei Stolyarov Dar Veter
Vija Artmane Veda Kong
Nikolai Kryukov Erg Noor
Tatyana Voloshina Niza Krit
Lado Tskhvariashvili Mven Mas
Aleksandr Gaj Pur Zhis
Roman Khomyatov Kim
Lyudmila Chursina Louma Lasvi
Marina Yurasova Ingrid Ditra
Gennadi Yukhtin Eon Tal
Alexander Goloborodko Ren Boz
Valeriy Panarin Holm


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