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The Anderson School PS 334 is a New York City school for children in grades kindergarten through 8 from the city's five boroughs. It was founded thirty-one years ago (September 1987) as The Anderson Program under the stewardship of PS 9.[1] The New York City Department of Education (DOE) spun off Anderson in July 2005 as a stand-alone school — PS 334.

PS 334 The Anderson School
100 West 77th Street
New York NY 10024
EstablishedPS 9: 1830
The Anderson Program: 1987
Anderson Middle School: 2003
PS 334, Indep. School: 2005
FoundedSeptember 1987
LeadershipJodi Hyde, Principal
Nicole Chandonnet, Asst Prin.
Ana Crenovich, Parent Coord.
Donna Smiley, Community Coord.
Color(s)Red & White
PublicationYearbook: The Anderson Journal
AffiliationsDistrict 3: Citywide
System: NYC DOE
Accreditation: USNY



Anderson's enrollment for the 2018-19 school year was 535 students.[2] Since inception, Anderson has had two sections (classrooms) per grade.

School namesEdit

The Anderson School (PS 334) inherited its name from its former parent school, the Sarah Anderson School,[1] a K-5 neighborhood catchment school that offers two programs: Renaissance and Gifted and Talented. Until PS 334 moved to 100 West 77th Street in July 2009, both schools shared a building at 100 West 84th Street.

Sarah Anderson (1922–1981)[3] was a beloved school paraprofessional. The school community petitioned the Board of Education to rename PS 9 in her honor. It became official during her memorial dedication in May 1981.[4] Never married, she was the mother of three: Clarence "Pete" Anderson (1938 and living in East New York, Brooklyn), Ronald ("Ronnie") Dean Anderson (b. 1939 Griffin GA – 2001 Griffin), and Thomas Anderson. Sarah Anderson is buried at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery, Griffin, GA. Her nickname, for those close to her, was "Peggy." Her daughter-in-law (Clarence's wife), Earnestine Anderson, also worked with Sarah as a paraprofessional at PS 9. Earnestine resides in Griffin.

In 1993, under Principal Joan Gutkin, PhD (1936–1997), PS 9 (then the host school for The Anderson Program) received magnet school funding for music and art and henceforth adopted the name, "Renaissance School of Music and Art." Ever since, PS 9 has used both names.

Physical plantEdit

  • Sept 1987 – July 2009, Anderson shared a building with its founding parent school P.S. 9, The Sarah Anderson School, at 100 W 84th Street. During the latter years in that building, The Computer School also shared the building.
  • July 2009 – Present, Anderson moved to a slightly older building six blocks due south at 100 W 77th Street, initially, sharing it with (i) The Computer School, (ii) JHS 44 O'Shea Middle School (a district middle school), and (iii) West Prep Academy (a district middle school). At the start of the 2010–11 school year, PS 452, a new neighborhood elementary school (3 sections per grade), moved in the building. July 2011 JHS 44 O'Shea Middle School was phased out and West Prep Academy moved to the P.S. 145 building at 150 West 105 Street. In July 2017, PS 452 moved to 210 West 61st street and the Dual Language Middle School moved in to the vacated space on the second floor of the O'Shea Complex.

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Coordinates: 40°46′51″N 73°58′38″W / 40.78082°N 73.97710°W / 40.78082; -73.97710

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