The Alien Encounters

The Alien Encounters is a 1979 science fiction film written and directed by James T. Flocker and starring Augie Tribach and Matthew Boston. It is an American B movie

The Alien Encounters
Directed byJames T. Flocker
Written byJames T. Flocker
Produced byDavid E. Jackson
StarringAugie Tribach
Matthew Boston
CinematographyHolger Kasper
Music byWilliam Loose
Release date
  • 1979 (1979)
Running time
92 minutes
CountryUnited States


An unemployed astronomer loses his job when a radio telescope is destroyed while he is hearing messages from outer space. He then tracks down a scientist who is building a machine to extend life, only to discover the scientist is dead. He visits with the scientist’s wife and son, and discovers about the scientist’s own encounter with UFOs. An alien probe which has landed on Earth from Barnard's Star. The machine known as a betatron which has remarkable rejuvenating effects. [1]


Actor Role
Augie Tribach Allan Reed
Matthew Boston Steve Arlyn
Phil Catalli Wally
Bonnie Henry Elaine Stafford
Patricia Hunt Mrs. Arlyn
Amy Ballor Melissa
Skye Tollefson Laurie
Steve Abbott Rancher
Chris Love-Jackson Susan Reed
Lukas Jackson Luke Reed
Gene Davis Man In Black #1
Mark Purdy Man In Black #2


Described by leading science fiction author David Wingrove in his Science Fiction Source Book as a "Deathly dull B-movie UFO story with dire effects and no real encounters at all...Endless desert scenes and interminable talk-overs disguise crank concerns of writer/director James T. Flocker", the film received generally poor reviews.[2] Fantastic Movie Musings found the movie to be okay for its low budget, that it has some interesting points.[3]


Filmed in and around the Calico Mountains including Mule Canyon Road and scenes on the lake bed, off Ghost Town Road and Interstate 15, 7 miles north of Barstow, California.


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