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The Addams Family Theme

The theme for the TV series The Addams Family was written and arranged by longtime Hollywood film and television composer Vic Mizzy. The song's arrangement was dominated by a harpsichord and featured finger-snaps as percussive accompaniment. Actor Ted Cassidy, reprising his "Lurch" voice, punctuated the lyrics with words like "neat," "sweet," and "petite." Mizzy's theme was popular enough to enjoy a single release, though it failed to make the national charts.

The closing theme was similar, but was instrumental only and featured such instruments as a triangle, a wooden block, a slide whistle and a duck call.

Other appearancesEdit

  • An alternate version of the theme, with a slightly different melody, was used for the 1977 TV special Halloween with the New Addams Family, which reunited most of the original cast from the 1964-66 TV series.[1]
  • The original theme appeared in the films The Addams Family and its sequel Addams Family Values.
  • The 1992 animated adaptation of the series used the theme as its theme song.
  • An a cappella R&B cover of the theme was heard in Addams Family Reunion, performed by the Los Angeles-based Strate Vocalz. A music video was made and appeared on the film's VHS release, as well as promos for the then-upcoming Fox Family series The New Addams Family.
  • The song was used in the mid 90s as the theme for 'Nestle Buncha Crunch'. [2]
  • The song was briefly revived in 2007 for a series of Addams Family TV commercials for M&M's candies.
  • The theme appears in The Addams Family stage musical and is included on the original cast recording.
  • For many years, the intro to the song has been a staple at sporting events across the Canada and the United States. It is used in basketball games with the fans yelling "DE-FENSE" instead of snapping their fingers; in hockey games the finger snaps are traditionally substituted with the opposing team's name, followed by a negative statement about the team.
  • A version of The Simpsons' theme arranged in the style of The Addams Family theme was used as the closing music for the Simpsons episode "Treehouse of Horror IV", which was also played in the credits of "Treehouse of Horror XVIII".


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