The Thaya (Czech: Dyje [ˈdɪjɛ]) is a river in Central Europe, the longest tributary to the river Morava. Its drainage basin is 12,772 km2 (4,931 sq mi).[2] It is 224 km (139 mi) (322 km (200 mi) with its longest source river German Thaya) long[1] and meanders from west to east in the border area between Lower Austria (Austria) and South Moravia (Czech Republic), though the frontier does not exactly follow the river's course in most parts. Its source is in two smaller rivers, namely the German Thaya (Deutsche Thaya) and the Moravian Thaya (Czech: Moravská Dyje, German: Mährische Thaya), joining together at Raabs an der Thaya.

Břeclav, Dyje.JPG
Thaya in Břeclav
Physical characteristics
 • locationGerman Thaya and Moravian Thaya confluence at Raabs
 • elevation410 m (1,350 ft)
 • location
 • coordinates
48°37′01″N 16°56′25″E / 48.6170°N 16.9402°E / 48.6170; 16.9402Coordinates: 48°37′01″N 16°56′25″E / 48.6170°N 16.9402°E / 48.6170; 16.9402
 • elevation
148 m (486 ft)
Length223.9 km (139.1 mi) [1]
Basin size12,772 km2 (4,931 sq mi)
 • average43.9 m3/s (1,550 cu ft/s)
Basin features
ProgressionMoravaDanubeBlack Sea

The confluence of Thaya and Morava is the southernmost and the lowest point of Moravia.

Its name means "the inert". There is also a small village which bears the name Dyje, located near Znojmo.


In its upper reaches, the Thaya flows through deep gorges (Podyjí), along which it passes many castles and chateaus. In Moravia, it has been dammed in several locations.

Thaya gathers waters from the western half of Moravia and the adjacent part of Lower Austria. Its biggest tributaries are Svratka and Jihlava, flowing together into the middle one of the Nové Mlýny reservoirs.

Thaya River near Znojmo

Important cities and towns along the Thaya:


All the dams are situated in Czech Republic. They are used for irrigation, hydroelectricity and flood protection.

Dam Name Dimension Level Altitude Qav Q100 Qmax. Power Station Type Qpp
Vranov 348.45 9.74m3s−1 260m3s−1 364m3s−1 18.9 MW Conventional 45m3s−1
Znojmo 225.6 10.25m3s−1 280m3s−1 379m3s−1 1.4 MW run-of-the-river 12m3s−1
Nove Mlyny I (upper reservoir) 171.4 13.3m3s−1 290m3s−1 see lower reservoir N/A N/A N/A
Nove Mlyny II (middle reservoir) 170.35 40.9m3s−1 see lower reservoir see lower reservoir N/A N/A N/A
Nove Mlyny III (lower reservoir) 170.35 40.9m3s−1 820m3s−1 657m3s−1 2.4 MW run-of-the-river 48m3s−1


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