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  • Alan Thaw (1926–2007), Australian rules footballer
  • Alice Cornelia Thaw (1880–1955), American philanthropist (daughter of William Thaw Sr. and Mary Sibbet Copley)
  • Abigail Thaw (born 1965), British actress (daughter of John Thaw)
  • Benjamin Thaw Sr. (1859–1933), American banker and philanthropist (son of William Thaw Sr., father of William Thaw II)
  • Eugene V. Thaw (1927-2018), American art dealer and collector
  • Evelyn Nesbit (c. 1884–1967), also known as Evelyn Nesbit Thaw, artists' model and actress (married Harry Kendall Thaw 1905, div. 1915, mother of Russell Thaw)
  • Florence Thaw (1864–1940), American painter
  • Harry Kendall Thaw (1871–1947), American heir found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity (son of William Thaw Sr. and Mary Sibbet Copley, husband of Evelyn Nesbit, father of Russell Thaw)
  • John Thaw (1942–2002), English actor (father of Abigail Thaw)
  • Kevin Thaw (born 1967), English alpinist
  • Margaret Copley Thaw (1877–1942), American philanthropist (daughter of William Thaw Sr. and Mary Sibbet Copley)
  • Mary Sibbet Copley (1943–1929), also known as Mary Sibbet Copley Thaw, American philanthropist (second wife of William Thaw Sr., mother of Alice Cornelia Thaw, Margaret Copley Thaw, and Harry Kendall Thaw)
  • Russell Thaw (1910–1984), American racing pilot (son of Harry Kendall Thaw and Evelyn Nesbit)
  • William Thaw Sr. (1818–1889), American railroad baron (husband of Mary Sibbet Copley, father of Alice Cornelia Thaw, Benjamin Thaw, Harry Kendall Thaw, and Margaret Copley Thaw)
  • William Thaw II (1893–1934), American aviator who fought in World War I

In Burmese namesEdit

(See Burmese name for information about Burmese name structures.)

  • Aung Thaw (born c. 1920), Burmese archaeologist
  • Baganset U Thaw (1893–1980), Burmese businessman, trader, administrator, and politician
  • Maung Thaw Ka, pen name of author and retired Major Ba Thaw
  • May Barani Thaw (born 1990), Burmese super model, actress and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Universe
  • Mya Thaw (born 1955), Burmese dental professor (father of Zayar Thaw)
  • Nyein Thaw (born 1993), Burmese actor and model
  • San Thaw Thaw (born 2001), Burmese footballer
  • Thaw Kaung, Burmese university librarian
  • Zayar Thaw (born 1981), Burmese politician, hip-hop artist, and political activist (son of Mya Thaw)

Political developmentsEdit

  • Cuban thaw, warming of Cuba–United States relations that began in 2014
  • Gomułka thaw, Polish thaw or Polish October, a political change in Poland in 1956
  • Khrushchev Thaw, a period in the history of the Soviet Union from the mid-1950s to the mid-1960s

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