Thavasi is a 2001 Indian Tamil-language action drama film directed by K. R. Udhayashankar starring Vijayakanth in dual lead roles, with Soundarya, Vadivelu, Jayasudha, Prathyusha, Nassar, Ponnambalam playing other pivotal roles. The film received mixed reviews from the critics but was a hit at the box office. The film released in 2001 Diwali alongside Kamal Haasan's Aalavandhan and K. Balachander directed Parthale Paravasam. It was also dubbed in Hindi as Aaj Ka Krantiveer.[1] The film was remade in Kannada as Mallikarjuna.

Thavasi Poster.png
VCD cover
Directed byK. R. Udhayashankar
Story byChinni Krishna
Produced byJayaprakash
V. Gnanavel
CinematographyS. K. Boopathi
Edited byB. S. Vasu — Saleem
Music byVidyasagar
Release date
  • 14 November 2001 (2001-11-14)
Running time
165 minutes


Thavasi is an influential do-gooder landlord in a small village, who commands respect from the village. Thavasi and his wife arrange for their son Boobpathi's marriage with Priyadarshini. Sankarapandi, who sodomised and killed Thavasi's sister after marrying her, wants to marry his daughter (whom he had with his second wife) to Boobpathi. Thavasi, since he doesn't want his son to marry his daughter, insults Sankarapandi. Sankarapandi instead to save his prestige, engages her daughter with Maragathammal's son Thangarasu, who is present there. Boopathi's engagement is done with Priyadarshini, with both of them liking each other after many chance encounters. Thangarasu is accused of stealing temple owned jewels, and Thavasi judges him to be guilty. The next day Thangarasu commits suicide. It is implied that Thangarasu is innocent and took his own life since he couldn't live with the blame. Later a mute person is arrested as the person who stole the jewel. Hearing this Thangarasu's mother Maragathammal questions Thavasi's judgement, which was said to be never wrong. Thavasi decides to give away his own son Boobpathi to Maragathammal, for his injustice to her son. Maragathammal despises Boobpathi and treats him like faeces, though he tolerates it. Sankarapandi wants his daughter to marry Boopathi, who is now the son of Maragathammal, as engaged. Boopathi, unknown to Maragathammal, saves Thanagarasu's imbecile sister from Maragathammal's brother Kottai Perumal's sexual assaulting and also reforms Karmegam, who is the brother in law of Thangarasu, who constantly tortures his wife for due dowry. In a chance encounter before his marriage with Sankarapandi's daughter, he meets the mute thief and realises that he acted as a mute. He captures him and makes him confess that Sankarapandi was responsibe for theft of Temple's jewel and Thangarasu's murder, who made it look like suicide. In the end, Boobpathi marries Priya.



The first phase of shooting of Thavasi started in Chennai and continued in Pollachi and Udumalpet. Song sequences involving Vijayakanth and Soundharya were shot in Kerala and Kodaikanal. Kumbakonam Mahamaham tank was specially designed for Thavasi as its grandest set. Around 10,000 junior artistes participated in the holy dip. Around 30 artistes performed them while nine cameras whirred from all directions to roll.[2][3]


Soundtrack was composed by Vidyasagar.[4][5]

Song Title Singers Lyrics
"Thanthana Thanthana Thaimasam" K. J. Yesudas, Sadhana Sargam P. Vijay
"Desing Raja Thaan" S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Sujatha Mohan
"Yelai Imayamalai" Manickka Vinayakam
"Ethanai Ethanai" Shankar Mahadevan, S. Janaki Kabilan
"Panjaangam Paarakadhe" Srivardhini, Chitra Sivaraman, Shankar Mahadevan Pazhani Bharathi


The film received mixed reviews. This film became a "Hit" at box office.[citation needed]

Rediff wrote, "Trouble is, everyone of them have gone through the selfsame motions so often in the past that they seem to sleepwalk through this film, doing their stuff by rote and with little conviction. The crisis is predictable, ditto the denouement. And the fights, songs and comedy tracks that bridge crisis and denouement fail to grip."[6]

Bizhat wrote, "Director Udayasankar has done justice in the screenplay and direction area (except for the climax). The last one reel is filled with masala and it is very cinematic."[7] wrote, "Although Thavasi has the same old story line the movie was enjoyable to watch. Vijaykanth's matured acting and Soundarya's Screen presence were simply superb. A couple of songs were really sweet to hear. Nasser came out with yet another Outstanding performance as he usually does. Vadivelu's comedy was really good. So the movie has various features that can be enjoyed by everyone and was not like other "ARVA KOLARU" movies. These kind of movies can be watched and enjoyed and the movie came at the right time. The movie for sure is a hit movie just because it gave us everything what people expect."[8]

Balaji Balasubramaniam of wrote, "Vijayakanth doesn't do much to differentiate between his two roles with respect to gestures or mannerisms and so its just the make-up that does the job. The special effects director too has little to do with the two roles rarely appearing in the same frame. Soundarya looks cute while Jayasudha, appearing in Tamil after a long time, is adequate as the dutiful wife and affectionate mother. Acting honors go to Nasser who manages to jazz up another routine villainous role with a nice smirk while taunting Vijayakanth. Nasser enjoys himself in the scene where he confronts Vijayakanth at the marriage hall. Vadivelu's individual encounters with the mad man are loud and unfunny but he is tolerable when paired with Vijayakanth. Pratyuksha is on hand for a single duet. Vidyasagar has had some hit soundtracks recently but Thavasi is definitely not going to be added to the list."[9]

Awards and nominationsEdit

2001 Tamil Nadu State Film Awards[10]


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