That Boy Emil

That Boy Emil[1][2] (original: Emil & Ida i Lönneberga) is a Swedish animated film based on the Astrid Lindgren books of Emil i Lönneberga. It was released to cinemas in Sweden on 25 December 2013.[3]

That Boy Emil
That Boy Emil poster.jpg
Film poster
SwedishEmil & Ida i Lönneberga
Directed byPer Åhlin
Alicja Björk
Lasse Persson
Written byHans Åke Gabrielsson
Based onEmil i Lönneberga
by Astrid Lindgren
Produced byLars Blomgren
Narrated byAstrid Lindgren (archives)
Music byGeorg Riedel
Distributed bySvensk Filmindustri
Release date
  • 25 December 2013 (2013-12-25)
Running time
59 minutes
Budget8 million SEK


Emil and his sister Ida live on a farm in Lönneberga. Emil does many pranks, but actually he doesn't want to make pranks, they just happen as Emil can't foresee the consequences of his actions. Often they are made with good intent. For example, Emil gets mouse traps to help his parents to get rid of mice. Instead of the mice his father is the one who gets caught. After Emil has committed a prank, his father usually locks him inside a shed. There Emil carves a wooden figure. Ida, however, is a good girl - she wants to be locked into the shed herself in one episode, but cannot manage to anger her father.


Critical responseEdit

The Berliner Morgenpost describes the film as funny and colourful.[4]

The Kinderfilmblog believes, That Boy Emil is also suitable for a young audience. However, conflicts are „limited to quite harmless skirmishes“, there are no „edges and flaws“. Everything is „nice, cheerful and doesn't really matter“, the nicest scenes are solely owned to „the qualities of Astrid Lindgrens books.“[5]


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