Tharrawaddy District

Tharrawaddy or Thayarwady District (Burmese: သာယာဝတီခရိုင်) is a district of the Bago Division in central Burma (Myanmar). The capital lies at Tharrawaddy, Burma.

location in Bago region


The district contains the following townships:

  1. Tharrawaddy Township
  2. Letpadan Township
  3. Minhla Township
  4. Monyo Township
  5. Okpho Township
  6. Gyobingauk Township
  7. Zigon Township
  8. Nattalin Township

Further readingEdit

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Coordinates: 18°03′N 95°44′E / 18.050°N 95.733°E / 18.050; 95.733