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Thanda Gosht (Urdu: ٹھنڈا گوشتALA-LC: Ṭhanḍā Gos̱ẖt IPA: [ʈʰənɖɑː ɡoːʃt̪], English: Cold Meat) is a fiction short story written by Saadat Hasan Manto.[1] The book was first published in a literary magazine in March 1950 in Pakistan. Later it was published by Sang-e-Meel Publications. Manto was charged with obscenity for this story and faced a trial in criminal court.

"Thanda Gosht"
AuthorSaadat Hasan Manto


The story is about the communal violence of 1947.[2] Ishwar Singh, fails to make love to his mistress Kalwant. She suspects him of infidelity and in a fit of jealousy stabs him with his own dagger. While dying, Ishwar Singh admits his crime getting involved in riots which broke in his village killing a Muslim family with same dagger and abducting a Muslim girl after breaking in their house and attempting to rape her, who was actually dead. Hence the title "cold flesh".[3]


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