Thameside (bus company)

Thameside[1] is a bus company operating in East London. It is a subsidiary of Stagecoach and operates services under contract to Transport for London.

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FoundedAugust 2008
HeadquartersWest Ham
Service areaEast London
Routes8 (May 2015)

Thameside shares its headquarters with sister company East London at West Ham.


Thameside was set up to operate route 248 from 27 September 2008. In March 2009 route 372 was transferred followed in July 2009 by route 174.


Thameside operates one bus garage.

Rainham (RM)Edit

As at April 2017, 165, 174, 248, 252, 256, 287, 365, 372 and 687.[2]


The garage was opened in 2007 after Waterden Road was closed to allow the site to be redeveloped for the 2012 Olympic Games.[3]

In May 2008, all buses along with the trainers were moved into the new West Ham garage, meaning Rainham no longer operated any Transport for London routes. Rainham carried out all the engineering work until the new West Ham garage was completed in 2009.[4]

Transport for London routes returned to Rainham on 27 September 2008 when route 248 commenced.[3][5]

Spirit of London (19000(LX55HGC))is now held at Rainham normally operating bus route 252.


As at May 2015, Thameside had a peak vehicle requirement of 97 buses.[2]


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