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Thai Rath (Thai: ไทยรัฐ, RTGSThai Rat, pronounced [tʰāj rát]; lit.: 'Thai State' or 'Thai Nation') is a daily Thai language newspaper published in Bangkok and distributed nationwide. The paper is a broadsheet published with two sections. The first section is devoted to news. Although the news section is best known for its sensationalist coverage of crime and accidents, it also includes stories on Thai politics, economy, and society. The second section features coverage of sport and entertainment. Thai Rath is the second oldest newspaper in the native language, after Siam Rath (สยามรัฐ) which published its first issue in 1949. (Bangkok Post, the English-language daily, is the oldest published newspaper in the country with a history of more than 70 years). Thai Rath is the best-selling newspaper in Thailand, claiming a circulation in excess of one million copies daily.[1]

Thai Rath
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TypeDaily newspaper
Founder(s)Kampol Wacharapol
Foundedas The Weekly Pictorial (ข่าวภาพ) 5 January 1950; as Thai Rath 25 December 1962; 57 years ago (1962-12-25)
HeadquartersChatuchak, Bangkok
WebsiteThai Rath
Thai Rath front page, 1 Mar 2012, headlining:
• The King and Queen of Thailand received the Duke of York;
Worachet Pakeerut, associate professor of the Faculty of Law, Thammasat University, was attacked inside the faculty by two men disagreeing with Phakhirat's proposal to amend the Criminal Code, section 112, or the lese majeste law;
• The Pheu Thai Party is to amend the constitution by dissolving the administrative courts and other independent agencies, including the election commission;
Lana O'Connell, Australian swimsuit model, died in a crash, failing to wear a helmet.


Thai Rath was founded on 5 January 1950 by Kampol Wacharapol as Khaopap (Thai: ข่าวภาพ, lit. The Weekly Pictorial), which was published between 1950 and 1958. The newspaper was shut down in 1958, along with other leading contemporary newspapers, by the military government of Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat. Kampol then "rented" the Siang Ang Thong (Thai: เสียงอ่างทอง, lit. Ang Thong Voice) newspaper's name[2] from Laor Ketkaew, and continued publishing under that name between 1 May 1959 and 24 December 1962. On 25 December 1962, Thai Rath published its first issue.

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