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Théophile Figeys Sr was a Belgian Major General who fought in the First World War.

He was born and raised in Belgium and married Hanneke Veerle. He had 13 sons, of whom nine were listed as being killed in action. The first to fall was his eldest son Theophile Figeys Jr on August 14, 1914. It is thought that he died in the siege of Liege, the first battle in Belgium. Theophile Figeys Jr is remembered at the war memorial in St. Gilles, Brussels. Theophile Figeys Sr climbed up the military ranks, and was a General at the Second Battle of Ypres. He was killed in action during the Hundred Days Offensive. There are war memorials bearing his name in St.Juliaan, Antwerpen, Gravenstaffal, Bellewaarde and Namur. His body was never found.