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TextMaker is a word processor developed by the Nuremberg (Germany) based software company SoftMaker and available as part of the SoftMaker office suite. Earlier versions were also sold separately.

Original author(s)SoftMaker
Initial release1987[1][2]
Stable release
Operating systemMS Windows, MacOS Linux, Android, Windows Mobile, and Windows CE
LicenseProprietary (commercial or freeware/registerware)

Some previously commercial versions of SoftMaker TextMaker were later released as freeware (SoftMaker Office 2006 and SoftMaker Office 2008).[3][4]



Development of TextMaker started in 1987 under MS-DOS. The program aims at utmost compatibility with Microsoft Word (adding some proprietary features like an object mode for working with frames or a simple built-in database functionality). It reads and writes its own document format (.tmd), Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx), OpenDocument (.odt), Pocket Word (.psw, .pwd), Rich Text Format (.rtf), HTML 4.0 (.htm), and plain text files (.txt). It can also open XML (.sxw) files. The standard document format can be .tmd, .docx, .doc, .rtf, or .odt.

Multilingual features include a five language translation dictionary, a thesaurus in ten languages, spell checking in 17, hyphenation in 29, and user interface in 14 languages.

VBA-compatible scripting is supported through SoftMaker's scripting language, called BasicMaker, which is part of its SoftMaker Office suite for Windows.

For mobile use, TextMaker can be run from a USB stick without changing any registry or system files of the host PC.

TextMaker 2018 is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android. TextMaker 2010 is available for Windows Mobile and Windows CE.

Latest versionsEdit

It is the only word processor worldwide to support all these systems. Furthermore, the user interface is as similar as possible across all supported platforms; the PDA versions are full-fledged versions rather than scaled-down versions lacking much of the functionality of the desktop version.

TextMaker ViewerEdit

A read-only version of TextMaker is available free-of-charge as TextMaker Viewer. Currently in its 2010 release,[6] it allows opening, viewing, and printing of many common word-processing formats, such as those of Microsoft Word (.doc), Office Open XML (.docx), OpenDocument (.odt), RTF (.rtf), HTML (.htm, .html) and plain text (.txt).[7]

TextMaker Viewer's license allows free unmodified distribution, even commercially.

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