Texas Transportation Museum

The Texas Transportation Museum (TTM) is a transportation museum located in San Antonio, Texas.

Texas Transportation Museum
LocationSan Antonio, Texas
Coordinates29°32′53″N 98°26′05″W / 29.548163°N 98.434766°W / 29.548163; -98.434766
TypeTransportation Museum

It was created in 1964 to help preserve artifacts and information about San Antonio's transportation history. TTM operates as much of its collection as possible, including many railroad vehicles on its own heritage railroad, the Longhorn and Western Railroad, multiple model train layouts, and many antique automobiles. TTM's goal is to provide an educational and entertaining experience which interprets how developments in transportation technology shaped and continue to impact daily life.

The museum was originally located at the Pearl Brewing Company in Downtown San Antonio and had used the tracks of the Texas Transportation Company. In 1967 the museum was granted use of approximately forty acres (16 ha) of what was then known as the Northeast Preserve, now McAllister Park, just north of the San Antonio International Airport on Wetmore Road.

The museum hosts three major events annually, an Easter egg hunt in April for Easter, "Spook-Track-Ula" in October for Halloween, and "Santa's Railroad Wonderland" in December for Christmas.[1][2][3]

Different areas, including a remodeled caboose, picnic tables, children's play area and a large outdoor pavilion can be rented for group parties. The children's play area includes a playscape consisting of a wooden steam engine and a metal scale-model diesel engine.[4][5][6]

TTM is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Longhorn and Western Railroad Edit

The Longhorn and Western Railroad is the Texas Transportation Museum's standard gauge heritage railroad that operates on its property with no connection to the general rail system. The L&W consists of approximately 58-mile (1.0 km) of trackage in total, with its mainline that runs 13-mile (0.54 km) from the east and west ends of the property.[7] Visitors can ride the full sized diesel-powered train every hour on the half hour on Saturdays and Sundays, and Fridays during the summer or holidays. A steam day is held once a month where visitors can ride behind the museum's standard gauge steam locomotive.[8][9]

Left to right: 1942 GE 45-ton switcher #7071, 1911 Baldwin 2-8-0 #6, and 1954 Baldwin RS-4-TC 1A #4035

Rolling stock preserved on the L&W Edit

Operating Edit

Static display Edit

Antique vehicles Edit

1924 Buffalo Type 50 fire engine

Fire apparatus Edit

Tractors Edit

  • 1939 Case
  • 1941 Cletrac DG-5
  • 1948 Ford 8N
  • 1946 John Deere Model H

Cars and trucks Edit

  • 1929 Ford Model AA
  • 1931 Ford Model A Tudor
  • 1924 Ford Model TT
  • 1903 Oldsmobile Curved Dash
  • 1918 Oldsmobile Speedster

Carriages Edit

  • 1900 Doctor’s Carriage
  • 1898 Victorian Brougham
  • 1903 Studebaker

Model railroad displays Edit

  • HO scale layout operated by the Alamo Model Railroad Engineers (AMRE)[12]
  • G gauge outdoor layout operated by the San Antonio Garden Railroad Engineers Society (SAGRES)[13]
  • N scale layout operated by the San Antonio N-Trak Association (SANTRAK)[14]
  • O scale layout operated by TTM volunteers
  • Z scale layout

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