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State Highway 44 (SH 44) is a Texas state highway that runs from west of Encinal to Corpus Christi, Texas. This highway is also known as the Cesar Chavez Memorial Highway outside the city limits of Robstown, Banquete, Agua Dulce, Alice, and Corpus Christi in Nueces and Jim Hogg counties.

State Highway 44 marker

State Highway 44
Route information
Maintained by TxDOT
Length128.853 mi[1][a] (207.369 km)
Existedby 1938–present
Major junctions
West end US 83 near Encinal
  I-35 in Encinal

Future I-69W / US 59 near Freer

Future I-69C / US 281 near Alice
I-69E / US 77 in Robstown
East end SH 358 in Corpus Christi
Highway system
FM 862FM 863RM 864



SH 44 was originally proposed on April 24, 1919 as a connector route between Waco and Giddings.[2] On July 16, 1923, the southern terminus extended south to LaGrange.[3] By 1926, construction was continuing on the highway, and SH 44 was concurrent with U.S. Highway 77 (US 77). On July 15, 1935, SH 21 was rerouted concurrent with SH 44 from north of Giddings to Giddings. On November 24, 1936, this route had extended south to Hallettsville and another section from Victoria south via Sinton and Robstown to Alice was designated, creating a gap and replacing part of SH 72 and all of SH 128 (which was reassigned to the portion of SH 72 that was disconnected due to SH 44).[4] On April 19, 1938, the section of SH 44 from SH 21 north of Giddings to Giddings was no longer concurrent with SH 21, because SH 21 was rerouted west of Lincoln. On July 15, 1938, the section from Hallettsville to Victoria (already under construction as a lateral road) was added, closing the gap.[5] On June 26, 1939, the section north of Hallettsville became part of US 77, the section from there to Victoria was changed to SH 295, and the section from Sinton to Robstown was reassigned as an extension of SH 96. The eastern terminus was shifted to Corpus Christi over part of SH 16. The western terminus was then extended to Freer on July 1, 1940. The section west of Freer approximately 56.4 miles (90.8 km) was Farm to Market Road 863 (FM 863)[6] which traveled west to US 83 in Webb County, today's SH 44 terminus.

On November 21, 1917, an intercounty highway was designated from Taylor to Hearne.[7] A spur, SH 44A, was designated on July 20, 1920 along part of the intercounty highway from Taylor to Milano.[8] On January 17, 1921, SH 44A became part of an extended SH 43A.[9]

From 1948 to 1953, FM 863 went from Beaver Creek to the town of Hilda which became RM 648 and is now RM 783. FM 863 was designated over a new route and part of FM 133 from Encinal to Freer in 1953. Before 1955, FM 863 ended at the WebbLaSalle county Line. On January 22, 1958, FM 863 began to be signed, but not designated, as SH 44. On August 29, 1990, FM 863 was officially designated as SH 44, and FM 863 was cancelled.

Possible futureEdit

A bill has been submitted by House Representative Blake Farenthold to Congress to approve turning SH 44 into an Interstate Highway. The bill is called H.R. 4523 or 44 to 69 Act of 2014.[10] The plans are to turn SH 44 into an interstate highway between Freer (where it will intersect I-69W) and Corpus Christi, Texas (about 73 miles (117 km)) in order to have a network of interstate highways connecting Laredo (the largest inland port on the United States–Mexican border) with Corpus Christi (a major seaport and manufacturing center). In Corpus Christi, SH 44 is already at interstate highway standard and it is a four-lane divided highway westward to the city of San Diego, Texas. The 23 miles (37 km) from San Diego to Freer is a two-lane section.[11]

Business routesEdit

SH 44 has two business routes.

Robstown business loopEdit

Business State Highway 44-C (formerly Loop 296) is a business loop that runs on the former routing of SH 44 through Robstown. The road was bypassed on January 19, 1956 by SH 44 and designated Loop 296. Loop 296 was designated as Business SH 44-C on June 21, 1990. On July 31, 2003 the road was rerouted on a new route to US 77 and the original section was returned to local jurisdiction.[12]

Corpus Christi bypassEdit

Business State Highway 44-D is a bypass of SH 44 in Corpus Christi. The route was created in 2006.[13]

Former Corpus Christi business loopEdit

Business State Highway 44-D (formerly Loop 443) was a business loop that ran on the former routing of SH 44 through Corpus Christi. The road was bypassed on October 3, 1966 by SH 44 and designated Loop 443. Loop 443 was designated as Business SH 44-D on June 21, 1990, but much of the route was redesignated as Spur 544 on June 18, 1996 and a small section was returned to local jurisdiction.[13]

Major intersectionsEdit

Webb0.00.0  US 83 – Laredo, Carrizo SpringsWestern terminus
La SalleEncinal11.919.2   BL I-35 south (Main Street) to I-35 south – Encinal, LaredoWest end of I-35 Bus. overlap
12.119.5  I-35 – Cotulla, San Antonio, LaredoEast end of I-35 Bus. overlap; I-35 exit 39
Duval56.290.4  US 59 south (Future I-69W) – LaredoWest end of Future I-69W/US 59 overlap.
Freer59.295.3  SH 16 – Tilden, Hebbronville, Falfurrias
60.697.5  US 59 north (Future I-69W) – George West, HoustonEast end of Future I-69W/US 59 overlap.
72.4116.5  FM 3196 south / County Road 330 – Los Reyes, La Rosita, Benavides
San Diego84.1135.3  SH 359 west – HebbronvilleWest end of SH 359 overlap
Jim Wells86.9139.9  FM 625 east
91.3146.9  FM 2507 south
   Future I-69C / US 281 – George West, Premont, Falfurrias
Interchange (U.S. 281 is the future Interstate 69C)
Alice93.1149.8  FM 1554 south (Beam Station Road)
  Bus. US 281 – Falfurrias, George West
94.6152.2  FM 665 east (Cameron Street)
96.2154.8   FM 1931 north (Flournoy Road) – Airport
98.5158.5  SH 359 east – Orange Grove, MathisInterchange; East end of SH 359 overlap
102.6165.1  FM 2044 west
NuecesAgua Dulce105.7170.1  FM 70 – Sandia, Bishop
Banquete112.1180.4  FM 666 – Mathis, Driscoll
  Bus. SH 44 east (Western Avenue)
  Bus. US 77 north (via Avenue J) – Victoria
121.4195.4   I-69E / US 77interchange
  Bus. SH 44 west (East Avenue A)
121.9196.2   I-69E south / US 77 southinterchange
123.4198.6  FM 1694 – PetronilaInterchange
Violet125.1201.3  FM 24 north (Violet Road)
127.0204.4  FM 3386 north
Corpus Christi127.3204.9  FM 2292 (Clarkwood Road / Bus. SH 44 east)interchange; west end of freeway
  Bus. SH 44 west (Agnes Street)
direct westbound exit only
131.0210.8Corpus Christi International Airportaccess to FM 763 south
131.9212.3Hopkins Roaddirect westbound exit only
131.9212.3Talbert Road / Agnes Street (Bus. SH 44 east)no direct westbound exit (signed at Heinsohn Road)
132.7213.6Heinsohn Road
133.3214.5   SH 358 to I-37 – Bayfront, NAS, CCAD, Padre IslandEastbound exit and westbound entrance
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


  1. ^ The certified mileage given is shorter than the actual mileage as TxDOT considers SH 44 to be discontinuous at rather than concurrent with US 59.


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