Texas State Highway 111

State Highway 111 or SH 111 is a state highway in the U.S. state of Texas that runs from Gonzales to Midfield in Southeast Texas.

State Highway 111 marker

State Highway 111
Route information
Maintained by TxDOT
Length76.23 mi[1] (122.68 km)
Existedby 1933–present
Major junctions
West endUS 183.svgTexas 97.svg US 183/SH 97 at Gonzales
 Alt plate.svg
US 77.svg Alt. US 77
US 77.svg US 77
I-69 (Future).svgUS 59.svg Future I-69/US 59
East endTexas 71.svg SH 71 at Midfield
Highway system
SH 110SH 112

Route descriptionEdit

SH 111 begins at a junction with U.S. Route 183 in the unincorporated community of Hochheim. Officially, the route extends northwest with U.S. 183 to Gonzales, but that portion is not currently measured or mapped as part of the route and is not signed as such. The route travels east to Yoakum, crossing U.S. 90 Alternate, before traveling into downtown Yoakum. The route then turns southeast toward a junction with I-69/U.S. 59 at Edna. The route then turns due east, crossing over Lake Texana, before reaching its terminus at SH 71 at Midfield.


SH 111 was originally numbered on August 10, 1925 on a route beginning at Hallettsville, and travelling southeast to Edna and continuing to Lolita, before turning east to SH 59 east of Blessing, just south of Midfield, following the rail line of the St. Louis, Brownsville, and Mexico Railway.[2] On September 17, 1930, the section from Francitas eastward was transferred to rerouted SH 58 (an alternate route to Ganado). On April 3, 1931, the section from Lolita to Francitas was cancelled, and SH 111 was rerouted southward before reaching Blessing to end at SH 57 in Weedhaven. On January 20, 1932, SH 111 was rerouted through Ganado (replacing the alternate route of SH 58), and extended south from SH 57 to Olivia.[3] On August 2, 1932, it was rerouted back to its previous route to Edna,[4] and the old route to Ganado was redesignated as SH 172. On October 26, 1932, the route was conditionally designated over most of that routing, with an extension from Hallettsville west to Gonzales.[5] On September 18, 1933, a section from Hallettsville to Eagle Lake was added, and the section from Hallettsville to Edna was cancelled.[6] On November 22, 1933, the road from Gonzales to Eagle Lake was renumbered as SH 200.[7] On January 9, 1934, the routing was redesignated over its current routing from Midfield to Edna (with part the old route being transferred to an extension of SH 172).[8] On October 22, 1935, SH 111 was extended to Yoakum.[9] This extension was cancelled later, but on September 21, 1937, this extension was restored.[10] On September 26, 1939, SH 111 extended west to Hochheim over a section of SH 95. The route was not completed between Yoakum and Edna until the late 1940s. On October 4, 1968, SH 111 extended north to Gonzales concurrent with U.S. 183.

Major intersectionsEdit

GonzalesGonzales0.000.00   US 183 north / SH 97 – Luling, NixonWestern end of US 183 concurrency
SH 111 is unsigned along this concurrency
DeWittHochheim  US 183 south – CueroEastern end of US 183 concurrency
Western terminus of signed portion of SH 111
  Alt. US 77 – Cuero, Hallettsville
  US 77 Alt. Bus. north (Irvine Street)
Northern end of Bus. US 77 concurrency
  US 77 Alt. Bus. south (Irvine Street)
Southern end of Bus. US 77 concurrency
Lavaca  US 77 – Victoria, Hallettsville
   Future I-69 / US 59 – Victoria, El Campo, Houston
I-69/US 59 exit 25; Diamond interchange with frontage roads; U.S. 59 is the future Interstate 69
  Loop 521 (Main Street)
  SH 172 – La Ward, Ganado
MatagordaMidfield  SH 71 – El Campo
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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