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Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame

Entrance to the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame at the Fort Worth Stockyards
Simulated campfire scene in the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame in Fort Worth, Texas

The Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame, a western, historical museum in Fort Worth, Texas, honors those men and women who have shown excellence in the business and support of rodeo and the western lifestyle in Texas."

The Hall of Fame includes over 125 cowboys and cowgirls, each of whom has a booth to display personal memorabilia. The museum, located in Historic Barn A, is also home to The Sterquell Wagon Collection, John Justin Trail of Fame, Chisholm Trail Exhibit, The Applewhite-Clark Exhibit, Adventures of the Cowboy Trail, Zigrang Horse Bit Collection, Amon G. Carter's 1933 Cadillac and The Jersey Lilly Old-Tyme Photo Parlour.

The Hall of Fame opened in 2001. The building housing it is one of the horse and mule barns in the Fort Worth Stockyards. Originally built in 1888, they housed over 3,000 horses and mules. The original wooden ones that stood in this location were lost March 14, 1911, when a spark from a passing train ignited a fire. They were rebuilt and completed in March 1912 and considered the first "fireproof" ones. The bricks, columns, metal doors, catwalks, and cinder blocks are all original architecture.

The Hall of Fame is located in the heart of the historic Fort Worth Stockyards.


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Museum visitors are invited to propose new inductees to the Hall of Fame by completing background information on a potential nominee.

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