Test Match (board game)

Test Match is a cricket-themed board game first published in 1955 by John Waddington Limited in the United Kingdom and John Sands Pty. Ltd. in Australia.[1]

Test Match
Cover of the 1955 John Sands edition
PublishersJohn Waddington Limited
John Sands Pty. Ltd.
Age range8 and up

Russell Jackson notes that "you pulled on a couple of cardboard tabs to randomly generate a type of delivery before your batting opponent did the same on the other end of the board, but if you were a genuinely competitive player, the reliance on luck over skill would eventually start to grate."[2]

The original game depends entirely by chance, and is similar in principle to pencil cricket.

A three-dimensional version was released by Crown and Andrews in the 1977. This involved rolling a ball-bearing down a plastic gully attached to a plastic bowler.[3] According to Jackson, this is "the greatest cricket board game of all time."[2]

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