Test 219 was a nuclear test conducted by the Soviet Union in the atmosphere via ICBM. The test was performed on December 24, 1962 over the Novaya Zemlya test range. It was a thermonuclear fusion bomb with a yield of about 24.2 megatons and a destruction radius of about 6 mi (9.7 km), making it the second largest thermonuclear explosion in history, only behind the Tsar Bomba test.[1] It exploded at height of 2.33 mi (3.75 km).

Test 219
CountrySoviet Union
Test siteNovaya Zemlya Test Range, Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic
DateDecember 24, 1962
Number of tests1
Test typeAtmospheric Test
Device typeFusion
Max. yieldTotal yield 24.2 megatons of TNT (101 PJ)
Test chronology
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Chagan →


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Coordinates: 73°36′00″N 57°30′00″E / 73.6000°N 57.5000°E / 73.6000; 57.5000