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Terrorism in Greece has been primarily committed by far-left revolutionary organizations, anarchist and foreign groups.[1]


Banned terrorist organizationsEdit

Nihilist FactionEdit

The Nihilist Faction (Greek: Φράξια Μηδενιστών, romanizedFraxia Midheniston) was a nihilist anarchist organization in Greece, which claimed responsibility for a 28 May 1996 bombing of IBM offices in Athens. The attack caused extensive structural damage but no injuries.[2] The group was responsible for other attacks, primarily arson and fire bombing. The group was founded c. 1996.[3]

Revolutionary People's StruggleEdit

Revolutionary Organization 17 NovemberEdit

The Greek government arrested many members of the 17 November organization in the summer of 2002. In 2003 15 members were found guilty of multiple murders and convicted for more than 2,500 crimes. In December 2005 a three-judge panel began an appeals trial.[4]

Revolutionary StruggleEdit

The Revolutionary Struggle is a far-left Greek paramilitary group known for its attacks on Greek government buildings. It is widely described as a terrorist organization by both the Greek government[5] and the media.[6][7]

Revolutionary NucleiEdit

Revolutionary Nuclei was, anti-U.S., anti-NATO, and anti-European Union terrorist organization that conducted 13 bomb attacks in Athens between 1996 and 2000. The first attack for which RN took credit was a bomb attack on Greek Coast Guard installations in Piraeus on 11 May 1997, but it later acknowledged that two earlier attacks were carried out by RN members. Per its four proclamations, RN fought against the "imperialist domination, exploitation, and oppression" of Greece.[8]

On 27 April 1999 an RN bomb targeting a conference at the Intercontinental Hotel in Athens killed one person (Despite telephoned warnings, the building was not evacuated). In December 1999 RN set off explosives near Texaco's offices in Athens.[8] RN members bombed the Citigroup offices in Athens and a Greek-American sculptor's studio in November 2000. RN then disappeared without explanation.

Conspiracy of Fire NucleiEdit

Sect of RevolutionariesEdit

Revolutionary Self-DefenseEdit

The Revolutionary Self-Defense group is a product of what the class conflict demands today. The group fight to "construct a mass internationalist revolutionary movement, by strengthening militant resistance on the entire spectrum of class antagonism".[9] On November 10 2016 A policeman, who had been on guard outside the embassy, was wounded when unknown assailants threw a hand grenade on the French embassy building, days later the group claimed responsibility for the attack.[10] Militants shot against members of the riot police when they are parked in the downtown in Athens, Greece. The incidents no left injuried[11] The group is suspected to attack the russian embassy in Athens.[12]

Black StarEdit

Black Star (also known as Mavro Asteri; Greek: Μαύρο Αστέρι) is a Greek anarchist terrorist group involved in violent direct action.

During the period between May 1999 and October 2002, Black Star was one of the most active anarchist groups in Greece.[13][14] They are anti-imperialist, anti-establishment, and anti-capitalist. The group has declared itself to be dedicated to "resistance against the mass organizations of US imperialism and to their local collaborators."[15] They believe that "the only terrorists are the US imperialist forces, their European allies, and their local capitalist associates."[16]

Black Star often demands the release of political prisoners (among whom they number as Simeon Seisidis, and Mumia Abu-Jamal) when calling to claim responsibility for attacks. The group's favorite targets are the cars of embassies and diplomats, but they have also attacked the offices and cars of international organizations and businesses.[citation needed]

Outlawed groupsEdit

As Greece is a member of the European Union, the following terrorist entities that are outlawed in Greek territory via the EU Terrorist list:


Date Location Deaths Injuries Type Perpetrator Description
2 September 1970 Athens 2 - Car bomb Anarchists -- Diplomatic (United States)
At 16:00 (UTC+2), a bomb -- planted inside a car -- explodes in the parking area of the United States Embassy on Queen Sophia Avenue in Athens, killing a man and woman. Neither of the casualties were personnel of the Embassy. The two victims were allegedly responsible for making and transporting the bomb.[17][18]
5 August 1973 Athens 5 55 Grenade & Small arms fire Black September (Palestinian nationalists) -- Airports & Airlines
Two Arab gunmen stage an armed assault on passengers nearby the Trans World Airlines lounge, within the Athens International Airport, killing five and wounding up to 60 others. Two Americans and an Austrian are among the deceased. The initial target was intended to be passengers on a flight to Tel Aviv.[19][20][21]
24 February 1974 Lavrion 2 - Improvised Explosive Device People's Resistance Organized Army -- Business
A bomb at an American-owned Dow chemical plant, South of Athens, kills two Army bomb disposal experts.[22]
23 December 1975 Athens 1 - Small arms fire 17N (Marxist guerrillas) -- Diplomatic (United States)
Five men in a stolen Simca follow Richard Welch, U.S. Central Intelligence Agency's station chief in Athens, home as he returned from a Christmas party. While two men covered his wife and driver, a third shoots him dead with a .45 Colt M1911 pistol at close range.[23]
17 January 1980 Athens 2 - Small arms fire 17N (Marxist guerrillas) -- Government institutions
Pantelis Petrou, the deputy director of the Monades Apokatastasis Taksis (Riot police), is shot to death in an Athens suburb by three assailants using two 45mm pistols. A few days later Sotiris Stamoulis, his driver, also dies from the wounds inflicted during the attack.[24]
31 July 1980 Athens 2 2 Small arms fire ASALA (Armenian nationalists) -- Diplomatic (Turkish)
Armenian gunmen attack the Turkish Embassy Administrative Attaché, Galip Ozmen, and his family as they are waiting in their automobile at a traffic light. Mr. Ozmen and his fourteen-year-old daughter, Neslihan Ozmen, are killed. His wife, Sevil Ozmen, and his sixteen-year-old son, Kaan Ozmen, are seriously wounded but survive.[25]
21 July 1981 Athens 2 - Small arms fire Neo-fascists -- Private citizens & property
Two gunmen open fire on the offices of the Angeli Koussis Shipping and Tourism Co., killing two employees of the firm.[26]
7 November 1983 Athens 1 1 Small arms fire Abu Nidal Organization -- Diplomatic (Jordanian)
A gunman shoots two security guards in front of the Jordanian Embassy, in a tour alley near the Acropolis. One of the victims dies of his injuries.[27]
15 November 1983 Athens 2 - Small arms fire 17N (Marxist guerrillas) -- Diplomatic (United States)
George Tsantes, deputy chief of the U.S. military assistance mission (JUSMAGG), along with his driver Nick Veloutsos, were shot dead by two young people riding a motorcycle, using a .45 caliber pistol.[28]
28 March 1984 Athens 2 - Small arms fire Abu Nidal Organization -- Diplomatic (British)
British Cultural Attache and British Council representative Kenneth Whitty is killed in his car on an Athens street by a single gunman. His passenger, fellow British council employee Artemis Economidou, is seriously wounded and later succumbs to her injuries.[29][30]
2 February 1985 Athens 0 78 Time bomb Neo-fascists -- American military targets
Neo-fascists linked to the Cyprus bomb a bar popular with American airmen stationed nearby.
21 February 1985 Athens 2 - Small arms fire 17N (Marxist guerrillas) -- Business
Major Greek center-right press publisher and banker, Nikolaos Momferatos, is shot and killed by a gunman. His driver, Panagiotis Rousetis, also dies in the attack in the Athens suburb of Kolonaki.[31]
1987 Athens 0 30 Car bomb 17N (Marxist guerrillas) -- American military targets
On two separate days, bomb attacks against buses carrying American soldiers injured 30 people in total.
26 November 1985 Athens 1 14 Car bomb 17N (Marxist guerrillas) -- Government institutions
A car-bomb explosion next to a Greek riot police bus in Kaisariani, Athens, kills police officer Ioannis Georgakopoulos and injures 14 more. The 17N proclamation states that the attack was made to avenge the death of 15-year-old Michalis Kaltezas during clashes at the day of the rally commemorating the public uprising that led to the fall of the Greek military junta.[32][33]
28 June 1988 Athens 1 - Car bomb 17N (Marxist guerrillas) -- Diplomatic (United States)
A car bomb, detonated by remote control, kills the US naval attache in Athens. Capt. William Nordeen was killed instantly by the blast that originated in a vehicle parked by his house.[34]
11 July 1988 Athens 11 (one perp.) 98 Car bomb -- Grenade & Small arms fire Abu Nidal Organization -- Private citizens & property
Three gunmen board the ship, City of Poros, as part of its normal intake of passengers at Aegina, and wait until the ship had left the port and is three miles into its journey before they attack, at approximately 20:30 (UTC+02:00). Using concealed automatic weapons and hand grenades, they opened fire on their fellow passengers, who scattered in panic, many jumping overboard, which inadvertently caused many casualties among people who became caught in the ship's propellers. Nine tourists are killed and up to 100 others are wounded. On the day of the attack, there were 471 people on board the ship.
Earlier on the day of the attack, the pier that the City of Poros usually berthed at in Piraeus was rocked by the detonation of a large car bomb. The only fatalities were the two occupants of the vehicle.[35][36][37]
27 September 1989 Athens 1 - Small arms fire 17N (Marxist guerrillas) -- Government institutions
Pavlos Bakoyannis, the spokes man of the leading political party at the time -- New Democracy -- is shot and killed in the hallway of his office in downtown Athens.[38]
12 March 1991 Athens 1 - Improvised Explosive Device 17N (Marxist guerrillas) -- Government institutions (Foreign: United States Military)
United States Air Force member, Sgt. Ronald O. Stewart, is killed by a remotely detonated bomb outside his apartment in the seaside Athens suburb of Glyfada. Sgt. Stewart had been working at the United States Air Base at Hellenikon.[39]
19 April 1991 Patras 7 7 Improvised Explosive Device Palestinian Nationalists -- Private citizens & property
A parcel bomb explodes in the offices of a courier service, killing seven people and wounding seven others in the western port city of Patras. Six of the dead were employees and the other a customer. The bombed building also housed offices of an American concern, United Parcel International, and is near the British Consulate.[40][41][42]
14 July 1992 Athens 1 5 Rocket propelled grenade fire 17N (Marxist guerrillas) -- Government institutions
The Greek Minister of Finance, Ioannis Paleokrassas, narrowly escapes assassination when terrorists launch a 3.5 inch RPG round at his armored limousine in broad daylight. The attack, near the center of Athens, kills a bystander and injures 5 other people, including Minister Paleokrassas. The Minister had been driving out of his office accompanied by his wife and daughter.[43]
24 January 1994 Athens 1 - Small arms fire 17N (Marxist guerrillas) -- Government institutions
The former chairman of Greece's largest state-owned bank, Michalis Vranopoulos, is shot to death on an Athens street. He had been testifying in a judicial investigation into the bank's potentially fraudulent sale of a majority stake in a cement company.[44]
4 July 1994 Athens 1 - Small arms fire 17N (Marxist guerrillas) -- Diplomatic (Turkish)
Deputy Chief of Mission at the Turkish Embassy in Athens, Ömer Haluk Sipahioğlu, is shot and killed on an Athens street. Authorities believe three men in a car pulled alongside the vehicle of the second-ranking Turkish diplomat in Greece and opened fire, killing him.[45][46]
28 May 1997 Athens 1 - Small arms fire 17N (Marxist guerrillas) -- Business
Greek shipping tycoon, Constantine Peratikos, is shot to death in broad daylight on an Athens street. The group issued a manifesto claiming that Peratikos was targeted because he allegedly misused a large government bailout and threatened to close down his shipyard, which would have forced the layoff of 2,000 employees.[47]
17 November 1999 Athens 1 - Improvised Explosive Device Revolutionary Nuclei -- Private citizens & property
A Greek bystander is killed when a bomb explodes near the Intercontinental Hotel, where then United States President Bill Clinton was due to stay on a state visit to Greece.[48]
8 June 2000 Athens 1 - Small arms fire 17N (Marxist guerrillas) -- Diplomatic (British)
At approximately 7:48 (UTC+2) two gunmen on a motorcycle shoot Brig. Stephen Saunders, the military attache at the British Embassy in Athens, while he was driving alone on a busy suburban street to work at the British Embassy. The gunmen escaped in traffic. Brigadier Saunders died at a hospital.[49][50][51]
17 June 2009 Athens 1 - Small arms fire Sect of Revolutionaries -- Government institutions
Several gunmen shoot a 41-year-old anti-terrorism officer several times at close range. The officer died in his car as the assailants fled on motorcycles in the densely populated Patissia area of Athens.[52]
28 March 2010 Athens 1 2 Improvised Explosive Device Neo-fascists -- Private citizens & property
A bomb explodes outside an institute for training public officials in the Patissia area of the Greek capital Athens, killing a 15-year-old boy. The boy's 10-year-old sister was seriously injured and their mother, 45, was slightly hurt. Police said the family, all Afghans, were apparently just walking past the building when the bomb, contained in a bag, exploded.[53]
24 June 2010 Athens 1 - Improvised Explosive Device Revolutionary Struggle -- Government institutions
A powerful bomb sent in a package to the minister of public order explodes near his office, killing his 52-year-old assistant, who opened the package. The minister, Michalis Chrysochoidis, who is in charge of the police and counter-terrorism, was not in his office at the time.[54]
19 July 2010 Athens 1 - Small arms fire Sect of Revolutionaries -- Journalists & Media
At 5:25 (UTC+2), in the Ιlioupoli area of Athens unidentified gunmen armed with nine millimeter pistols shot and killed an investigative journalist, Sokratis Giolias, outside his residence. He was shot 15 times by three gunmen dressed as security personnel reporting someone had stolen his car. The authorities said the 37-year-old Giolias was killed by at least three assailants firing a pair of nine-millimetre handguns -- the same weapons which the Revolutionary Sect group had used to kill an anti-terrorist officer in 2009.[55]
01 November 2013 Athens 2 1 Small arms fire The Fighting People's Revolutionary Powers -- Political
On 1 November 2013, two Golden Dawn members, Giorgos Fountoulis (27 years old) and Manos Kapelonis (22 years old), were shot dead outside the party's offices in Neo Irakleio, a northern suburb of Athens. A third one, Alexandros Gerontas, was severely injured. According to a Golden Dawn member, a man got off a motorcycle wearing a helmet and then fired.[56][57] Two weeks later, the previously unknown "anti-establishment" group "The Fighting People's Revolutionary" Powers claimed responsibility for what it described characterized them as "political executions of the fascist members of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party".[58]
17 December 2018 Athens 0 0 Bombing Popular Fighters Group -- Journalists & Media
On 17 December a bomb exploded in the headquarters of the media station Skai TV. There were no casualties but extensive damage was done to the building and according to the police the left-wing terrorist group Popular Fighters Group was behind the attack. The militants group has been behind similar bomb attacks against the downtown Athens headquarters of the Federation of Greek Industries in November 2015.[59]

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