Terrassa Cathedral

Terrassa Cathedral, or the Cathedral Basilica of the Holy Spirit (Catalan: Catedral de Terrassa, Catedral del Sant Esperit, Spanish: Catedral de Terrassa, Catedral del Espíritu Santo) is a Roman Catholic church located at the plaça Vella of Terrassa. It is the seat of the Diocese of Terrassa.

Terrassa Cathedral
Catedral-Basílica del Sant Esperit de Terrassa
E108 Catedral del Sant Esperit.jpg
Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, on the plaça Vella in Terrassa
AffiliationRoman Catholic Church
Ecclesiastical or organizational statuscathedral
LocationTerrassa, Catalonia, Spain
La capella del Santíssim

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Coordinates: 41°33′44″N 2°0′42″E / 41.56222°N 2.01167°E / 41.56222; 2.01167