Terminal 2 of Jiangbei Airport station

Terminal 2 of Jiangbei Airport, previously known simply as Jiangbei Airport, is an interchange station of Line 3 (straddle beam monorail) and Line 10 (heavy rail subway) of Chongqing Rail Transit in Yubei District of Chongqing Municipality, China.[1][2] The station opened in 2011 with Line 3 and was expanded in 2017 with Line 10, alongside changing to its current name to differentiate itself from the station at Terminal 3A of the airport.

Terminal 2 of Jiangbei Airport

Chongqing Rail Transit
CKG-ckg terminal 2.jpg
Operated byChongqing Rail Transit Corp., Ltd
Platforms4 (2 side platforms and 1 island platform)
Structure typeBelow ground
Disabled access5 accessible elevators
Other information
Station code3/3910/20
  • September 29th, 2011 (Line 3)
  • December 28th, 2017 (Line 10 expansion)
Previous namesJiangbei Airport
Preceding station   Chongqing Rail Transit   Following station
toward Yudong
Line 3Terminus
toward Liyuchi
Line 10
Exit 3 of the station is connected to the interiors of Terminal 2B of the airport

It serves the airport terminals in which the station's name derived from (Terminals 2A & 2B of Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport) and its surrounding area, including Terminal 1 before its temporary closure since 2017.

Station StructureEdit

Line 3 PlatformsEdit

Platform Layout

There are 2 side platforms for Line 3 trains. Only 1 platform is in use as the station is the terminal station for North-bound trains. These trains switch beam (monorail tracks) from right to left before entering the station and stopping at the platform for South-bound trains, where they would terminate. Trains then let south-bound passengers board and would head for that direction (towards Yudong).

Side Platform Doors open on the right (Platform not in use)
To  3  Terminal 2 of Jiangbei Airport Track not in use 3/39
Track not in use ↓ ←
Trains terminate here ←→  
←→ To  3  Yudong
Side Platform Doors open on the right

Line 10 PlatformEdit

Platform Layout

An island platform is used for Line 10 trains travelling in both directions.

To  10  Liyuchi & Lanhualu  
Island Platform

Doors open on the left

To  10  Wangjiazhuang


There are a total of 8 entrances/exits for the station.

Exit To
1 Car park
2 Terminal 1 (temporarily closed), VIP Service Area C
3 Domestic Arrivals A, Domestic Arrivals B, Long distance buses
4 Domestic Departures, Airport buses, Taxis, the Airport Cargo Terminal, VIP Service Areas A & B
5 Car park
6A Long distance buses, Domestic Arrivals A, Domestic Departures, Airport buses, Taxis
6B Long distance buses, Domestic Arrivals B, Domestic Departures, Airport buses, Taxis
7 Jinhang Road, Binggang Road, Yixue Road, The People's Government of Chongqing Yubei District


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