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Terminal 21 (Thai: เทอร์มินอล 21) is a chain of mixed-use complexes. The premier location opened in October 2011 on Sukhumvit Road, near the Asoke intersection, in Bangkok, Thailand.

Terminal 21
เทอร์มินอล 21
Terminal21 logo.png
Terminal 21.JPG
Terminal 21
LocationBangkok, Nakhon Ratchasima, and Pattaya, Thailand
Opening dateOctober 2011
ManagementLand and Houses
OwnerL&H Property Co.,Ltd.
WebsiteOfficial website
Main Atrium of Terminal 21
Golden Gate Bridge in Level 4 & 5 Void
Japanese style washroom in Level 1
Level 3 Istanbul Market Town theme

Each Terminal 21 complex consists of two major sections:

Retail ConceptEdit

Terminal 21 is a one-floor-one-theme shopping mall. The decoration of each floor is based on well-known locales in regions such as The Caribbean, Italy, Paris, Tokyo, London, Istanbul, San Francisco, and Hollywood.


Terminal 21 Asok opened in Bangkok in October 2011. It is located in Watthana district, situated at the Sukhumvit and Asok intersection. It links to BTS Skytrain and MRT with a skywalk, at Asok Station and Sukhumvit Station. This mall has the longest escalators in Thailand, up to 36 meters. The retail area has a total of 10 stories anchored by an SF Cinema City and a Gourmet Market (a division of The Mall Group). The hotel & residence is a 42-story, 202-meter high building.

Terminal 21 Korat opened in Nakhon Ratchasima in February 2017 . It is located on Mittaphrap Road near the intersection with Ratchasima-Chokchai Road. The retail area has a total of 7 floors with the main anchors being an SF Cinema City and a Foodland (Thailand).

Terminal 21 Pattaya opened in Pattaya in October 2018. It is located on the corner of North Pattaya Road and Second Road next to the Dolphin Roundabout. The retail area has a total of 6 stories including an SF Cinema City and a Foodland.

Coordinates: 13°44′14″N 100°33′40″E / 13.7371°N 100.5610°E / 13.7371; 100.5610