Tereora College is a secondary school in Nikao, Rarotonga, Cook Islands. It is the oldest secondary school in the Cook Islands and the national college of the Cook Islands for Year 9–13 students.

Tereora College
PO Box 107
Coordinates21°12′19″S 159°48′26″W / 21.2053°S 159.80713°W / -21.2053; -159.80713
MottoCook Islands Māori: Kia Toa
(Be Brave)
Established1895 / 1954
PrincipalTeremoana Ngaau
Years offered9–13
School roll760[1]

The school was first established in 1895 by the London Missionary Society. It closed in 1911 by the New Zealand colonial administration.[2] It was re-opened in 1954 as a public school.[3] The junior school offers the Cook Islands National Curriculum, while the senior school offers levels 1 - 3 of the New Zealand National Certificate of Educational Achievement.

The school buildings were built in the 1950s,[3] but by 2015 were old and damp.[4] In 2015 during the celebrations of the Cook Islands' 50th anniversary of self-government, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key announced an $11.7 million gift to redevelop the college.[4] The redevelopment was to be designed by two former students who had studied architecture in New Zealand, and run in partnership with the Cook Islands investment Corporation.[5] New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern opened stage one of the redevelopment in March 2018.[6][7]

A book on the early history of the school, Below the Bluff at Nikao, was published in 1995.[8]

Jacinda Ardern opening Tereora College redevelopment in 2018

School Anau edit

The school groups students into four anau each named for a mountain on Rarotonga:[9]

Te Kou
Te Manga

Students stay in the same anau class for their whole time at school.[10]

Notable alumni edit

Notable staff edit

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