Terek Soviet Republic

The Terek Soviet Republic (Терская Советская Республика), or Terek People's Republic (Терская Народная Республика) (March 1918 – February 1919), was a short-lived republic on the territory of the former Terek Oblast. Its capital was first Pyatigorsk, and later Vladikavkaz. After July 1918, it was part of the North Caucasian Soviet Republic.

Terek Soviet Republic
Терская Советская Республика
Soviet Republic of Russian SFSR
Flag of Terek Soviet Republic
Soviet Caucasus (1 May 1918).png
Terek SR and other early republics of the RSFSR in the caucasus.
Capitalfirst Pyatigorsk, and later Vladikavkaz
• Established
• Disestablished
Succeeded by
North Caucasian Soviet Republic
Today part of

In contrast to other Soviet republics, the Republic was a coalition government.[1]

The famous economist Jacob Marschak served as Secretary of Labour, despite being only a 19-year-old student.[2]

After internal struggles, it was conquered by the Volunteer Army led by Anton Denikin in early 1919.[3]


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