Tercüman: Halka ve Olaylara was a Turkish daily newspaper. It was founded in 1955 by Kemal Ilıcak (1932–1993), and associated with the center-right. The newspaper closed after Ilıcak's death, and the name was acquired by the Çukurova Media Group in 1997.

Typedaily newspaper
Owner(s)Çukurova Media Group
Founded26 May 1955[1]
Political alignmentcenter-right
Ceased publication24 June 2010[1]

In 2003 Ilıcak's family (including Kemal's son, Mehmet Ali Ilıcak) attempted to resurrect Tercüman, and a dispute with Çukurova over naming rights saw Çukurova hastily relaunch its Tercüman in January 2003, on the same day the Ilıcaks' Dünden Bugüne Tercüman appeared.[2] Çukurova suffered during the financial crisis,[3] and it closed down its Tercüman in 2010.[1] Dünden Bugüne Tercüman was renamed Bugün in 2005.