Tenri Station

Tenri Station (天理駅, Tenri-eki) is a train station in Tenri, Nara, Japan. Although the station is on the Sakurai Line as rail infrastructure, it has been served by the Man-yō Mahoroba Line since 2010 in terms of passenger train services. Tenri Station is also served by the Tenri Line of the Kintetsu Railway.

Tenri Station

West Japan Railway Company
commuter rail station
Tenriguchi Station–March 2004
  • JR-West: 816, Kawaharajōchō, Tenri
  • Kintetsu Railway: 815, Kawaharajōchō, Tenri

  • Japan
  • JR-West: (奈良県天理市川原城町816番地)
  • Kintetsu Railway: (奈良県天理市川原城町815番地)
Coordinates34°36′04″N 135°49′48″E / 34.601024°N 135.830074°E / 34.601024; 135.830074Coordinates: 34°36′04″N 135°49′48″E / 34.601024°N 135.830074°E / 34.601024; 135.830074
Owned by
Operated by
  • West Japan Railway Company West Japan Railway Company (JR-West)
  • KintetsuLogo.svg Kintetsu Railway
  • JR-West: 9.6 km (6.0 mi) from Nara
  • Kintetsu Railway: 4.5 km (2.8 mi) from Hirahata
  • JR-West: 4
  • Kintetsu Railway: 3
Train operators
Bus stands3
Structure type
  • JR-West: Elevated
  • Kintetsu Railway: At grade
ParkingParking Available
Bicycle facilitiesBicycle facilities Available
Disabled access
  • JR-West: Yes (1 elevator for each platform and 1 accessible bathroom)
  • Kintetsu Railway: Yes (1 accessible bathroom and equipped wheelchairs)
Other information
Station code H35 
Websitewww.jr-odekake.net/eki/top.php?id=0621704 (in Japanese) www.kintetsu.co.jp/station/station_info/en_station10008.html
  • JR-West: 11 May 1898 (1898-05-11)
  • Kintetsu Railway: 7 February 1915 (1915-02-07)
  • JR-West: 1980
  • Kintetsu Railway: 1922
Previous names
  • JR-West: Tenrishi (1963—1965)
  • JR-West: Tambaichi (1898—1963)
2013 / 2015
  • JR-West: 2,753 daily
  • Kintetsu Railway: 10,274 daily
Preceding station   JR logo (west).svg JR-West   Following station
 U  Man-yō Mahoroba Line
toward Nara
  Local   Nagara
toward Wakayama, Ōji, Takada, and Sakurai
  Rapid Service   Nagara
toward JR Namba
Preceding station   KintetsuLogo.svg Kintetsu Railway   Following station
   H  Tenri Line  



The station has two levels. The first level is used for the Tenri Line while the second level is used for the Man-yō Mahoroba Line.

JR West platformsEdit

The station operated by JR West has 4 tracks with 2 island platforms.

1  Man-yō Mahoroba Line Chartered trains only
2  Man-yō Mahoroba Line Chartered trains only
3  Man-yō Mahoroba Line—Local for Nara
4  Man-yō Mahoroba Line—Local for Sakurai and Takada
 Man-yō Mahoroba Line—Rapid Service for JR Namba via the Yamatoji Line

Kintetsu Railway platformsEdit

The station operated by Kintetsu Railway has 3 tracks with 2 island platforms and 2 side platforms (3 bay platforms). Since it is the terminal, there is no specification to which track is used for which service and destination. The stationmaster administrates all stations on the Tenri Line and the Kashihara Line between Amagatsuji and Kasanui as well as Tenri Station.

1~3  Tenri Line for Hirahata Yamato-Saidaiji and Kyoto


Within a couple of minutes' walking distance from the main entrance, three bus stands serves local bus routes by Nara Kotsu Bus Lines and Tenri City Community Bus, as well as the inter-city and airport bus routes by Nara Kotsu Bus Lines and its co-operators, Kanto Bus, Keisei Bus, and Osaka Airport Transport.


  • 1898—The Nara Railway opened station as Tanbaichi Station.
  • 1905—The station becomes the part of the Kansai Railway.
  • 1907—It was owned by Japanese Government Railways (the predecessor of JNR).
  • 1915—The Tenri Light Railway expanded its route to Tenri.
  • 1921—The Tenri Light Railway was acquired by the Osaka Electric Railway (the predecessor of Kintetsu).
  • 1941—The Osaka Electric Railway and Sangu Kyuko Railway were merged.
  • 1944—Kankyu Tenri station was renamed as Kintetsu Tenri Station.
  • 1963—JNR Tanbaichi Station was renamed as Tenrishi Station.
  • 1965—As the Sakurai Line was elevated, both stations were merged into a single station.
  • 1987—JR-West succeeded JNR's passenger rail business.
  • 2007—PiTaPa, the contactless smart card, has been available at Kintetsu Tenri Station.

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