Tenerife CB

Tenerife Club de Baloncesto was a professional basketball team based in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

Tenerife Baloncesto
Tenerife Baloncesto logo
LeaguesLEB Plata
ArenaPabellón Municipal de Santa Cruz
LocationSan Cristóbal de La Laguna
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Team colorsNavy and white
PresidentJosé Miguel Martín
Championships1 Copa Príncipe


Tenerife CB was founded in 1996 after the fusion of some teams of the islands and debuts in LEB Oro in the 1996–97 season, the first of this league.

In the 2002–03 season, Tenerife plays the FIBA Champions' Cup and reaches the second stage. In the same year, Tenerife CB becomes champion of the Copa Príncipe and promotes to Liga ACB, where plays two seasons before being relegated to LEB Oro.

In summer of 2010, Tenerife CB renounces to its berth in LEB Oro due to financial problems and is relegated to Liga EBA. In the next summer and after reaching the promotion playoffs, Tenerife CB achieved a vacant berth to play in LEB Plata, the Spanish basketball third division.

In 2013, the club was not allowed to play the lowest regional category in the Canary Islands.[1]

Season by seasonEdit

Season Tier Division Pos. W–L Cup competitions European competitions
1996–97 2 LEB 13th 10–20
1997–98 2 LEB 4th 15–19
1998–99 2 LEB 6th 18–12 Copa Príncipe SF
1999–00 2 LEB 6th 24–16 Copa Príncipe RU
2000–01 2 LEB 11th 12–18
2001–02 2 LEB 4th 25–15 Copa Príncipe RU
2002–03 2 LEB 2nd 30–9 Copa Príncipe C 3 FIBA Champions' Cup GS 12–4
2003–04 1 Liga ACB 10th 16–18
2004–05 1 Liga ACB 17th 8–26
2005–06 2 LEB 13th 15–19
2006–07 2 LEB 14th 14–20
2007–08 2 LEB Oro 3rd 22–17
2008–09 2 LEB Oro 4th 23–14
2009–10 2 LEB Oro 11th[a] 16–18
2010–11 4 Liga EBA 1st[b] 23–9
2011–12 3 LEB Plata 12th[c] 7–17
2012–13 5 1ª División 2nd 14–2
  1. ^ Resigned to its berth in LEB Oro.
  2. ^ Achieved one of the vacant berths in LEB Plata.
  3. ^ Resigned to its berth in LEB Plata.

Trophies and awardsEdit


Individual awardsEdit


  • Lawrence Lewis – 2002

Notable playersEdit


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