Tendrils (band)

Tendrils were an irregular collaboration between two Australian guitarists, Joel Silbersher of Hoss and Charlie Owen of Beasts of Bourbon.[1] The music of Tendrils is characterized by two chaotic yet complementary guitar parts and occasional stripped-back percussion. In 1995, billed simply as "Joel Silbersher and Charlie Owen", they issued an album, Tendrils. It was produced by Spencer P. Jones and recorded at Atlantis Studios, Melbourne.[2] Drums were provided by Greg Bainbridge on three tracks and Todd McNeair on one track.[2]

Also known asJoel Silbersher and Charlie Owen
OriginMelbourne, Victoria, Australia
Years active1995 (1995)–1999 (1999), 2011
LabelsDead Meat, Half a Cow
Past members

For the second album, Soaking Red (1998), they used Tendrils as the band's name. Owen played guitars, pedal bass, piano, organ, percussion, mandolin, banjo, bass recorder, backing vocals on one track and drums on another; Silbersher supplied vocals, guitars, drums, harmonica, and incidental keyboards; Jim White provided additional drumming on one track.[2] It was produced by Dave McLuney, Owen and Silbersher and mixed at Atlantis studios.[2] Soaking Red was nominated for at the ARIA Music Awards of 1999 for Best Alternative Release.[3] In April 1999 they advertised an intention to tour overseas. In November 2011 Tendrils supported a gig by Gareth Liddiard.[4]


Charlie Owen & Joel Silbersher
  • Tendrils - Dog Meat (DOG065CD) (1995)[5]


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