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Extending the table with yearly recession data?Edit

Out of the 206 sovereign states in the World, the template now show quarterly recession data for 54 countries. The hidden notes at the top of the table reveal I also found 29 additional countries with available data; meaning the template table will comprise recession data for 83 countries by the time we have completed the work to add all available data. The remaining countries can never be added, due to lack of quarterly GDP data for the investigated 2006-2013 period. On the other hand, those countries we are leaving out from the table, instead published some yearly GDP data. So I now wonder, which of the below decisions we should make in relation to this:

  1. Shall we extend the current table with an extra column, to also display data for yearly recessions (defined as whenever GDP declined year-on-year)?
  2. Or shall we create a special separate table with the yearly recession data?
  3. Or is it better to keep it simple, and not to post any yearly recession data at all?

My mind is split about it, so please let me know your opinion. The reason why I hesitate to make a quick decision, is that the Great Recession article already feature this 2009 recession World map, and if we repeat adding this data by an extra data column, I slightly fear the wikitable becomes to dense to digest for the reader. But on the other hand, I think it could also provide important extra knowledge to the reader with the extra column, to inform that we in a few cases, in example for Brazil, had a "quarterly recession (during min. 2 quarters)" without resulting in a "yearly recession". Likewise we also had cases, in example for Moldova, where there was no "quarterly recession" but a "yearly recession" (due to a very sharp single quarter decline followed by quarters with modest growth). On the third hand, I really do not like the basic concept to talk about "yearly recessions", as it often provides misleading or inaccurate info. For instance, if we have a single quarter with a sharp seasonal adjusted real GDP decline qoq in Q4-2008, being followed by four recovery quarters with low growth in 2009; this will give the result that 2009 is characterized as a "recession year", despite the fact that all its four quarters were not recession quarters but actually recovery quarters with positive modest GDP growth.

So what do you think: Should we add yearly recession data as an extra column in the table, or leave it out? Danish Expert (talk) 08:51, 10 October 2013 (UTC)

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