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Please do not put a map-search map into the stub template!

  1. The assumption that stub geography articles do not have maps is frequently wrong - many of them do have (so the map is unnecessary).
  2. We're busy trying to make the templates simpler, for the sake of both the servers and the readers - this does the opposite.
  3. A random sample showed that in 60% of cases the maps didn't exist anyway!

Grutness|hello?   00:55, 20 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Which five samples (number given on my talk page) did you try? I'm not sure if your sample was really based on Switzerland. Many stubs were created by incompletly porting data from German/French language wikipedia to English. The corresponding maps are unfortunatly not available in Commons or English maps. Pumpie had created quite a lot of stubs on Municipalities of Vaud and Berne.
The map works for all cities, towns, and villages. The advantage of having a map for potentially 2400 stubs should easily compensate for the disadvantage of having a slightly different template, especially if the addition is really minor. Unless you advance convincing samples, I would re-add it. -- User:Docu

Augusta Raurica, Bern Switzerland Temple, Aletsch Glacier, Dent Blanche, La Sarraz, Mount Pilatus, Maggia River... all returned incorrect maps or simply the map of Switzerland. Both villages of Safien return the same map, too. I'm reverting - if it can be fixed, put it back, but at the moment, it doesn't work. Grutness|hello?   01:18, 23 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Hmm .. strange, there is no such thing as two villages of Safien (I wonder if "kries" is even a word) so the map is correct and Bern Temple and Augusta Raurica look like inappropriately tagged "location stubs". Anyways, that hardly makes it 60%, so I'm re-adding the link. -- User:Docu

You didn't ask for 60% - you asked for five. Add a few more: Beinweil am See, Bad Ragaz, Municipalities of Switzerland, Stein am Rhein, Piz Bernina...That's 12 so far... I haven't got time to check all of them to see whether they work or not. And they are all correct geo-stubs, which cover towns, cities, regions, buildings, historical sites, airports - anything which is a location. I have no objection to a working addition to the template, but the fact that so many don't work means that this should be fixed before it goes back on the template. Grutness|<suphello?  

Just wondering, do you disagree on Safien?
Earlier you stated that 60% don't work (on my talk page you had said it's 3 out of a sample of 5), if it's just a few rare cases, I don't think it matters. I agree that mountains don't work, but this isn't really important, as most have coordinates leading to maps. It's regrettable that you already reverted it, as you don't allow others to find that Beinwil and Stein am Rhein did work (it offers a choice of the places with the same name). BTW even Municipalities of Switzerland gives an appropriate map, in case you tried. -- User:Docu
Sorry - the ones you mention didn't look appropriate at a quick glance... I've no objection to the template if it can be made to work properly - in fact it would probably be a good idea (as long as it doesn't overtax the servers). With Switzerland, there are likely to be quite a few mountain stubs, so that's an important one to have work. As for Safien (Kreis), Kreis = Sub-canton. It's the regionwhich contains the communes of Safien and Tenna (my comment on "both villages" was incorrect - apologies - but it should have produced different maps, one focussed on the commune, the other on the sub-canton). As to the original sample, I can't remember - I just picked five at random. If five at random produce three errors, then the chances are that there will be a pretty high failure rate overall. I note it's mainly places with more than one word in their names that cause problems - which means that none of the ones starting La or Le will be likely to work, either. If you can get it working properly feel free to put it back - I'll willingly agree that the third revert rule shouldn't count in those circumstances. But it needs to work well to be worthwhile. Grutness|hello?   02:42, 24 Mar 2005 (UTC)
The ones with "La" and "Le" are indeed a problem, but there are just a few. I will try to add a better map or an infobox to those. Overall, most do work however, for the ones with a disambiguator, it's even an advantage that that gets cut off. Most mountains have coordinates leading to better maps, we probably needn't worry about them either, .. and, well, if we agree not to change it more than once per month, it wont overtax the servers. Once we are done with adding infoboxes (Template:Infobox Swiss town), I suppose we could remove it again. -- User:Docu
Most "La" and "Le" are now taken care of, so I readd the link. -- User:Docu
Taken care of how? I don't get it. --Joy [shallot] 22:29, 10 Jun 2005 (UTC)
The articles have another link to maps through the {{coor}} link. -- User:Docu

You guys need to find a way to encode spaces into underscores in Switzerland-geo-stub before using that variable in the link. Too many places have more than one word in their name for this problem to be ignored. --Joy [shallot] 22:25, 10 Jun 2005 (UTC)

The commas aren't handled either. Neither are parenthesized words, although that doesn't actually happen to break the link if it's only one word before the paren, merely the presentation. --Joy [shallot] 22:28, 10 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Indeed it's only the La/Le that don't provide any useful link, for the others, it's even an advantage that the last part gets cut (Please excuse the delay in responding, somehow I missed your post). -- User:Docu
Except for Ronco sopra Ascona, Augusta Raurica, Rhône Glacier, ...? --Joy [shallot]
Correction. It does find Uetikon. It provides some German text for Beinwil and Ronco, which is suboptimal for en: links. In general, the German-language stuff should be avoided because we can't assume that the English speaker will be able to find their way through such pages. --Joy [shallot] 12:10, 18 Jun 2005 (UTC)
There is an English version available (of the map context, have a look at the page). In the cases we were discussing, a direct link wouldn't work though. Anyways, if I'm the only person who finds them useful, we shouldn't have them and I spent already too much time cleaning up dreadful stubs .. maybe we should use a bot to create decent ones for the remaining municipalities. -- User:Docu

Grisons-geo-stub on sfdEdit

The orphaned {{Grisons-geo-stub}}, which redirects to this template, is up for deletion at WP:SFD. Grutness...wha? 10:39, 17 Jun 2005 (UTC)

and I thought I had cleaned up all contributions of that IP range. -- User:Docu
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