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Q: What do I do if I want to add or remove a station?
A: You should discuss it on this talk page first and wait for other editors' approval, rather add or remove it straight away without discussing. You should briefly outline your argument based on the criteria below and any other factors you feel may be relevant.
Q: Are there any criteria for what counts as a major station?
A: Yes and no. Stations are added to the template based on a number of factors but no strict figure. For example, we judge if a station can be classed based on (amongst many other things) its number of platforms, but there is no defined number of platforms that a station must have before it can appear on this template.
Q: What factors are taken into consideration when deciding if a station should appear on this template?
A: The number of platforms, its role as an interchange for other train services, its role as an interchange for other modes of transport, its annual passenger use, the number of train operators serving it, the range of destinations, the type of destination (e.g. major cities), national rather than local importance, its facilities, and whether it serves a major city or settlement of significant national importance should all be considered. There may also be other relevant factors.
Q: Why isn't the addition or removal of stations decided on a divide and conquer basis?
A: It is not decided on the basis that it must meet a certain figure because, for example, a major station may have a very high passenger use and have services to many national destinations, but not have many platforms compared to other major stations, and vice versa.
Q: Can more than one station in a certain city be added?
A: Certainly. In fact, many major cities will have more than one major station, look at London for example. However you should discuss your proposed addition here first.
Q: Can I re-add a station that has been removed?
A: Not immediately. You can discuss it on this talk page and explain why you think it should be added. The rail network is forever changing. When a new set of passenger use figures are released, they can show a considerable jump in use for a station and therefore it may qualify for re-addition.
Q: Can I remove a station that has been re-added?
A: The re-addition should have been discussed and approved by a majority of editors. In this case, no, but you can give your case on the talk page if you have new evidence. If a station has been added without any indication of intention or discussion, then it should be reverted.
Q: What happens if I add or remove a station without discussing first?
A: Your edit will be reverted, so there is no use in doing so. Discussions and consensuses help ensure accurate information.
Q: I've suggested the addition or removal of a station, but no-one has replied or voted. How long should I wait?
A: It has been suggested that two weeks is an appropriate time period. After this, if a majority of editors (even two against one) are against the edit, then it may be reverted.
Q: I've suggested the addition or removal of a station, but only one editor has replied and is against my proposal. What should I do?
A: A majority of editors (even two against one) must approve the edit. So as long as no-one else voices an opinion, you should not make the edit.
Q: An editor keeps reverting an edit. What should I do?
A: Firstly note that according to Wikipedia policy, an edit that has been reverted three times within 24 hours can lead to a block or ban on the editor responsible, see WP:3RR and WP:EW. Secondly, check this talk page and its archives to see if the matter has already been discussed and an agreement reached. If so, you should not have reverted the edit but you should outline your arguement on the talk page and may only make the edit with a majority agreement. If there has been no mention of the edit on the talk page, don't break the 3 revert rule, or edit war. Instead, see Wikipedia:Dispute resolution.
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