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Works by or about Worldcat id in libraries (WorldCat catalog)

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This template generates an external link to a bibliography page at WorldCat Identities, an authority file website.

Works by or about Desmond Tutu in libraries (WorldCat catalog)


Unnamed parameters

{{Worldcat id | LCCN }}
{{Worldcat id | LCCN | NAME }}

Named parameters:

{{Worldcat id | id= LCCN }}
{{Worldcat id | id= LCCN | name= NAME }}

LCCN is a Library of Congress Control Number with the format lccn-n00-00000.

NAME is optional: it overrides the page name in the link label.


You might also find the LCCN in the Authority control bar at the bottom of the Wikipedia article, or in the person's Wikidata item, but you must add lccn- to the beginning of the string, and a - after the second digit.
  1. Search WorldCat Identities for the person's name. You can also include disambiguating information, such as the year they were born.
  2. Choose the match from the list.
  3. Copy the LCCN string from the address bar of your web browser: https://www.worldcat.org/identities/lccn-n82-054447
  4. Add the LCCN string (and, optionally, a name for the link) into the Worldcat id template per the Usage section above.
  5. Place the completed templated in the "External links" section of the article


* {{Worldcat id|lccn-n82-054447|Desmond Tutu}}
* {{Worldcat id|id=lccn-n82-054447|name=Desmond Tutu}}


To output only "Works about" instead of "Works by or about", or to write your own description, use the Worldcat subject template.


This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools; see the monthly parameter usage report for this template.

TemplateData for Worldcat id

This template generates an external link to a page at the WorldCat website.

Template parameters

ID1 id

ID string used in the URL.

Name2 name

Name displayed in the link text. If not specified it defaults to the article's {{PAGENAME}}, without disambiguation.


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